The Best Dumbbell Set : Learn How To Pick The Right One For You

Best dumbbell set

If you’re planning to build a gym at home, consider getting a good set of dumbbells. They are one of the most versatile free weights that allow you to do multiple types of exercises. To help you find the best dumbbell set that won’t hurt your budget, we’ll review five popular brands that are highly revered by customers.

A set of dumbbells may take too much space in your home gym but believe us, you’ll save more money than buying the pieces individually. Although the cheaper sets may not be highly laden with features, they’re still good enough for weight training.


*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Fixed Dumbbells Vs Adjustable Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells

The most convenient dumbbells by far are the fixed dumbbells that allow you to pick up a pair and begin exercising right away. The weight of these dumbbells is set at a constant number. Typically, the lightest models may start at 1/4 kilogram, 1/2 kilogram, and 1 kilogram, after which the weight increases incrementally by one kilogram.

However, you need to consider the cost of owning them. Using this type of dumbbells means you’ll need a lot of pieces to lift heavier weights. It would also be very burdensome if you need to move them to another area. To keep your dumbbells organized, consider getting a rack.

Adjustable dumbbells

The adjustable dumbbells are a smarter choice as you can adjust the weight to suit your specific exercise needs. Unlike a fixed dumbbell which is a single solid piece, an adjustable model is composed of three parts: weight plates, bar, and a lock to secure the plates. Although you can save space in your home gym, you may not be able to proceed to another exercise smoothly without tweaking the weights first.

Purchasing a full set of dumbbells is possibly a cheaper way of creating a sound home gym. In comparison to some bulkier equipment, dumbbell sets allow you to arrange your living area efficiently. Even if they’re smaller than barbells, they can be used by either advanced or novice lifters to gain mass and tone up, respectively.

Learn how to use dumbbells in your back workout in this video.

According to American Council Of Exercise (ACE), dumbbell training can result in muscle growth by stimulating the repair process of damaged muscles and allowing your muscles to store more glycogen. Dumbbell training can also lead to better muscle activation by creating excellent muscular coordination. Best of all, it gradually increases body strength and metabolic rate.

What must I look for when buying a dumbbell set?

1. Style Details

Dumbbell set style

Dumbbells may come in different styles, but the dumbbells that we reviewed are either shaped as hex or York contoured hex. If you want dumbbells that don’t roll out of place on the rack or roll under your feet when you put them on the ground, choose the hex style. This style has six sides to keep it in place.

A York contoured hex has a handle that’s designed with a thicker contour in the middle. Although it aims to provide a more ergonomic grip that’s perfect for arthritic hands, it seems to be uncomfortable for some people.

2. Material

Dumbbell set material

Dumbbells are constructed of cast iron, but most manufacturers conceal the iron with other materials to enhance their feel and appearance. The most common materials used are neoprene and vinyl. Neoprene is a better choice because it has water-resistant properties which make it not slippery even if your hands get sweaty.

3. Accessories

Dumbbell set accessories

To save you the money of buying a rack separately, look for a fixed dumbbell set that already offers this kind of accessory. The stand will help store your dumbbells properly and keep your workout space tidy. For adjustable dumbbell sets, look for a case to store your weight plates and other parts more properly.

4. Number Of Dumbbells

Number of dumbbell

To perform more exercises, look for a dumbbell set that offers a wide range of weights. A fixed dumbbell set can offer as much as three pairs of weights. Meanwhile, an adjustable dumbbell may offer more variety with its high number of weight plates.

Our Top 5 Picks

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

The j/fit Dumbbells Set includes three pairs of fixed dumbbells: two 3-pounds, two 5-pounds, and two 8-pounds. The neoprene coating resists degradation and won’t scratch off easily. The iron steel beneath gives the dumbbells durability to last for a very long time.

The handles are comfortable and don’t slip even if they get wet with your sweaty hands. To keep your dumbbells in order, j/fit includes a durable rack. Proving its reliability, j/fit offers a 5-year warranty.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Made of solid and heavy-duty iron steel
  • The neoprene coating won’t chip off easily and protects your floors when you dropped the dumbbells
  • Built with hexagonal heads to stay in place
  • Includes a durable rack for storage
  • The handle offers a secure grip even if your hands get sweaty.


  • The rack seems to be flimsy
  • The handles are suited for smaller hands
  • The dumbbells may collect dust easily.

The AmazonBasics Dumbbell Set consists of three pairs of fixed dumbbells in weights of 2 pounds, 3 pounds, and 5 pounds. Each pair is color coordinated to help set them apart from each other. You can perfectly use the dumbbells for resistance training and other arrays of exercises.

The dumbbells include a stand that you can easily assemble. The neoprene coating gives a secure grip even if your hands get sweaty. The rubber-like covering also protects your floors and make the dumbbells amenable for outdoor use.


  • Includes a weight stand for dumbbell storage
  • Made of neoprene material for a better secure grip
  • The dumbbells are designed with hexagonal shape to prevent them from rolling away
  • Suitable for versatile use
  • Color coordinated for easy identification
  • Quite great for its price


  • Some pairs have lopsided weights
  • The rack is a bit flimsy
  • The coating is a bit inconsistent

The CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set has a total of 40 pounds of weight, including two handles, four 5-pound plates, four 2.5-pound plates, and a carrying case for storage. The handles are ergonomically designed to give a secure grip. The collars are threaded to give a locked fit to handles.

The carrying case is made of heavy-duty plastic for durability and a carrying handle for portability. The plates are made of cast iron and treated with a semi-gloss finish to resist rust. Every dumbbell is knurled to ensure a secure and steady grip.


  • Includes a durable and portable carrying case
  • The weight plates are coated with a semi-gloss finish to resist rust
  • The grips are knurled for stability
  • Comes with a wide range of weights up to 40 pounds
  • Saves space in your home gym
  • The collars are threaded to give a good fit.


  • The metal handles are uncomfortable and may even cause blisters
  • The smell of the plate’s rubber coating can be a bit nauseating when new
  • Can’t transition smoothly to the next exercise because you need to adjust the plates

The Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells is a set of two dumbbells with adjustable plates reaching to 50 pounds. The whole set includes two handles, four 3-pound plates, four 7.5-pound plates, and four collars. The cast iron weight plates can accommodate all standard 1-inch standard bar.

The black paint finish prevents the handles from getting rust and corrosion. To give a firm and non-slip grip, the chrome handles are knurled. The dumbbells are perfect for doing several exercises, like core fitness, strength, and heavy leg lifts.


  • The handles are made of chrome metal that doesn’t flake or chip off easily
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • The chrome handles are knurled for a secured grip and stability
  • Includes a wide range of weights up to 50 pounds
  • The plates can fit any standard 1-inch bar


  • It would have been nice if it includes a case for portability
  • Some weights have holes that don’t fit the handles
  • May contains harmful chemicals

The GYMENIST Dumbbell Set comes with three pairs of fixed dumbbells: 1-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound. The vinyl coating gives a comfortable grip and goes easy on the floors when dropped. Best of all, it comes with a rack that can be folded for travel.

The handles are built to fit in your palm comfortably plus they are not slippery. Each pair is color coded to make it easy for you to identify each weight. The dumbbells are perfect for cardio or any types of workout that need light weights.


  • Includes a durable, portable rack
  • Each pair is easy to identify with the different colors
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The dumbbells have a hex style to keep from rolling away
  • The vinyl coating doesn’t scratch the floor when the dumbbells are dropped
  • Great for aerobics and other cardio exercises


  • The handles to be slick when wet
  • The vinyl material tends to split and crack over time
  • The color seems to fade after several months

Enthroning The Best Dumbbell Set

So the winner is the j/fit Dumbbells Set With Durable Rack because it has most of the features that we’re looking for. The j/fit dumbbell set includes 3 pairs of dumbbells and a rack. The dumbbells are covered with a neoprene material that won’t chip off easily and hexagonal heads to keep from rolling away. Best of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

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