How Long Does Protein Powder Last

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Normally the life of protein powder is one year since its manufacturing date, but it can depend on each product. The longevity and expiry date of various types of protein powders available on the stores may vary considerably. For this reason, I recommend searching for the date of expiry of the protein powder while purchasing it and consume it as soon as possible after opening it.

Reasons to consume protein powder at an earliest

The effectiveness of protein powder certainly decreases with time like other nutrients like vitamins etc. Still, supplements containing protein powder are used along with routine diet by the people involved in strength training and losing weight. To increase the effectiveness of protein powder for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and air tight container. It is necessary to keep the protein powder dry to maintain its effectiveness for a long time as moisture can make it unusable by decreasing its potency.

When protein powder is not used for a long time then the intensity of its flavors can fade out but still they are safe to consume if you sprinkle it on oatmeal or add it while cooking muffins, pancakes, or smoothies.

Along with fading of the taste of the protein powder after its expiry date, its looks and smell also get affected if not stored in properly sealed and dry container.

Furthermore,​ if you're women, looking for the proper supplements before a workout, I recommend you to read this thorough guide on choosing the pre-workout supplements.

I provide brief information about some of the popular protein powders here under to help you in choosing a suitable one for you.

This protein powder is gluten free, unflavored and made from a natural ingredients nutritional supplement. You can mix it in your kosher food or in your Smithies to increase their nutritional effect on your body. It is specially produced for the people following the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. No whey or animal products are used in this protein supplement derived from plants.

This protein powder based on organic plants contains creamy fudge of chocolate to make it tastier and more efficient. It is an ideal on-the-go nourishment product specially designed for the moms, busy professionals, students, and athletes. A serving of 21 grams of this organic plant based protein powder includes 3-gram carbohydrates and 5-gram organic fiber to provide 150 calories energy.

Ancient Nutrition has introduced an all-natural protein powder which is paleo and gut friendly and has pure flavor. It is available in 15.7 oz packaging containing enough amount of bone broth derived from the bones of various animals like beef, fish, turkey, and chicken, etc. which are usually discarded.

It is rich in gelatine and collagen and contains a wide variety of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium and selenium to provide healthy skin and proper connectivity of the tissues.

It supports your joints health, digestive health, the functioning of immune system and comfortable living by reducing unhealthy inflammations.


Though normally a protein powder can last for one year you can avoid the risk of their expiry by consuming it as soon as possible after opening its pack. Its potency lowers with the passage of time.


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