Fitness Foods to Keep You Pumped Up After Your Workouts

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Just like your home gym, your post-workout meals are vital to how your body copes up. In other words, what you put in your body every after your exercise routines matters a lot! Even if you workout during the day or after your work, the key factor here is to follow up your exercises with fitness food.

Your post-workout meals should have the combination of carbohydrates and protein. The former will help you replenish your energy sources while the latter will assist you towards muscle recovery. To get the best results, you need to consume your post-workout foods within 30 minutes to one hour after your workout routines.

You see, this is the time that your muscles become very receptive. During this time frame, you have to expect a boost in the enzyme activity. It will allow your body to be efficient when it comes to storing glucose for energy levels. Also, it helps in building up protein, especially for fatigued muscle groups.

Rewarding Yourself With Healthy Meals After Working Out

Have you thought of paying yourself, especially after a few rounds of doing battle rope and salmon ladder exercises? Are you thinking of a slice of pizza? Or perhaps getting a cheeseburger and a bucket of fries? Well, you have to think again! What you eat after your workout routines are as crucial as what you eat all day long.

A quick gym knowledge for you to ponder is that your body stores extra energy in the form of protein and glycogen. As you exercise, your body transforms everything you eat to fuel. Also, it breaks down your stored glycogen in the body. Your muscle starts to use up your stored protein to rebuild your muscles after working out. However, your body copes up properly when it comes to absorbing protein and carbs within 45 minutes post-workout.

Prepping a Homemade Sports Recovery Drink

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Just like using knee sleeves to protect your knees during your workout, you also need healthy drinks to protect yourself from getting too exhausted. An excellent choice for a recovery drink is a combination of milk, yogurt, and banana. The mix makes a satisfying and fresh option for a recovery drink.

Dairy products, including yogurt and milk, are heavy-duty sources of both carbohydrates and protein. Plus, bananas are great sources of magnesium and potassium. These are essential electrolytes for proper muscle function. You may prepare this smoothie for breakfast after your morning exercise routines. Also, you may also use this as a small afternoon meal after hitting the gym.

Protein-packed Sandwiches

You won’t go wrong with eating a sandwich post-workout. Sandwiches are very convenient to carry, especially during your gym days. Cold cuts with less salt can provide you some salt to replenish the sodium gone after sweating too much. Also, adding tomatoes make sandwiches fresh. Plus, they increase your vitamin C intake. You may use a whole wheat bread for this recipe to boost your fiber level. All you need is to purchase an electric griddle to grill them ahead of time, and they are ready to go!

Grab Some Granola Bars

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It is somewhat hard to eat 30 minutes after hitting the gym. Protein bars and granola are ideal when it comes to on-the-go snacks. You may use them as alternative snacks for vending machine foods. Honey, oats, orange juice, and flax can help you give off protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Also, dried fruits and nuts can facilitate iron to produce red blood cells. You may combine this crunchy and sweet snack with a low-fat yogurt. However, you must limit your intake because they are calorically dense treats.

Making a Protein-packed Fish

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Salmon is a perfect source of protein. Plus, it also contains omega-3 fats which is healthy for the heart. You may serve your fish with steamed vegetables and brown rice. It will help you nourish your body with healthy B-vitamins and carbohydrates. Protein-packed salmon, together with some brown rice and veggies, can help you have a satisfying meal after working out. Also, you can serve your leftovers with salad for lunch tomorrow. All you have to do is to reheat them using your air fryer.

Getting a Plant-based Protein

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Beans are excellent sources of carbohydrates and plant-based protein. Whole-grain wheat is a fiber that helps fight hunger after exercising. Feta cheese also adds calcium to have vigorous and dense bones. Thus, you need to make some of this refreshing and light salad at every beginning of your week. It is a great post-workout meal that’s all set whenever you are ready!

Preparing a Power Breakfast Meal

An egg sandwich is an ideal post-workout breakfast. You can acquire protein both in the yolk and the white of the egg. Also, such recipe combines these two to provide enhanced protein while limiting your fats and calories. Eggs are also great sources of zinc that helps in immunity and metabolism. Plus, it contains Vitamin B12 for cell production. Fresh veggies and cheese also aid you in restoring your fatigued muscles. Also, they keep your energy stores recharged.

Trying the Peanut Butter Power

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Peanut butter can also be a great post-workout product. Not only that it is very affordable, but it is also versatile and satisfying. You do not have to avoid this treat when working out. Some may think that peanut butter only makes them fat. Others believe that it will make them feel bloated. However, these are all misconceptions. Peanut butter contains some powerhouse nutrients because of its fat content.

However, you should measure its portions correctly. You may add a tablespoon of peanut butter. It contains around 100 calories. Plus, it can accumulate up to seven grams of healthy unsaturated fat. For a more sound approach, you may add this to your vegetables and chicken in a flour tortilla. It will be such a great high-protein meal!


Knowing what you should eat after working out may be confusing at times. Everywhere you go, some news may bring you some wrong information about food. Thus, it makes you avoid them every after your exercise routines. However, with the use of our list of fitness foods above, you can prevent the fad diets.

Also, you can recover faster after your strenuous workout routines. All you have to do is to prepare yourself, and learn the best choices to boost your energy level even after working out! That way, you can focus on your healthy snacks, meals, and drinks on your post-workout!

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