Benefits Of Strength Training


Who wouldn’t want to feel strong and healthy at the same time? Being able to lift grocery bags, your kids and not feel very tired right away after just a few steps on the stairs. Strength training has been one of the most efficient ways for overall fitness. It helps people become healthy, lose weight and even prevent themselves early signs of ageing.

Lifting has been associated with strength training, but this is not all about what heavyweight lifter does. Strength training can target specific parts of the body that you needed to work on and have a balanced workout for overall advantage.


10 Benefits of Strength Training

1. Weight Loss


This has been a problem for many people all over the world regardless of age. Strength training helps people fight weight problems by burning calories during the workout. This regular exercise also promotes weight loss continuously, helping you maintain the weight you’ve achieved over time.

2. Healthier and Stronger Bones


Osteoporosis is very common not only to older people but even to the younger ones nowadays. With strength training, you can prevent this from happening as the workout helps your bones become stronger.

It said that people lose around 1% of their bone strength as they get older every year. Strength training can help fight this and be able to add more strength instead.

3. Increased Muscle Strength


Be able to do your everyday task with ease with stronger muscles. Carrying and lifting should all be easier compared to those who doesn’t perform the workout. You don’t easily get tired and still have strength to work on things all throughout the day which also includes taking the stairs more often which is also a good form of workout.

4. Better Posture


As you condition your muscles with strength training, you also develop better posture with your body. This will show whether you are standing, sitting and even while walking. It also promotes confidence and feels better about how you look and carry yourself.

5. Increased Flexibility


At times wherein people get overworked with their daily function in life, the body become prone to body and muscle pains. With weight training, your body becomes more flexible therefore avoids movements that may cause any pain.

Your body would be able to work in full motion, as they are assigned to do so. As a result, you can move freely.

6. Avoid Common Diseases


As you get to work out regularly, the circulation of blood in your body becomes better. This avoids common causes of illnesses that make you weak and sick as you age.

In reality, almost all types of workout promote the healthier body, but with strength training, it becomes beneficial to your whole body. Some of the common conditions that you can avoid would be heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis and more. This will make you live longer and fit at the same time.

7. Improves Brain Activity


Have a better perception in life and be in a good mood all the time. Strength training helps produce more endorphins which make people feel good about themselves and surroundings. Promote better sleep quality and also a great way to combat stress as well as anxiety.

8. Improve Balance and Avoid Injuries


As you develop better muscle control, it will lead to better balance. These avoid instances of falling which will eventually avoid any problems of having injuries.

As people get older, balance and coordination is decreased. With strength training, this can be improved and help you become more aware of your surrounding and not get any major injuries.

9. Boost Self Confidence


You’ll start to feel good about yourself and be able to do almost anything. You are not limited to engage in any activities as well as sport which will later on bring you more people to your life.

As you become stronger and maintain a fit body, you can show confidence which has many advantages in life, whether at work, family and even relationship with your partner.

10. Better Quality of Life


Overall, strength training gives you a better life. You become more active, think better and have better relationship among other people around you. You don’t get sick easily which makes you able to work and function better as an individual.

Tips on How to Get Started


There are many ways for you to start with strength training, but one of the most important things to consider would be your safety. As there are times that you will be lifting weights, it is always best to have the right weight for your equipment.

Having a professional trainer also helps to provide you with a workout plan. You can also follow some self-help videos if you wish to.

If you wanted to use your own body weight, you could simply start by doing some pushups, pull-ups, some abdominal crunches as well as squats. You don’t need any special equipment to do this, and this is a great way to start.

On the other hand, you can also use free weights like dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells. However, be mindful of the weight that you are using so that you don’t strain your muscles or overdo your workout especially for beginners.

If you regularly visit your local gym, there are also many different weight machines that you can use. It is also best to have a trainer guide you at first. On the other hand, for those who have been doing this kind of training for a long time may choose to have their own exercise equipment at home.

Final Thoughts

For whatever reason you may have for choosing to undergo strength training, it is critical that you have the dedication and discipline to make sure that you don’t just quit right away. Think of it as a long-term investment for yourself so that you can live a healthy life.

Support your workout routine with the right choices of food and making sure you have enough rest all the time. This way, you can balance life with work, exercise and everything that follows

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