What Size Battle Rope Should I Get?

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What are battle ropes? And what size battle rope should I get?

Battle ropes are the bomb! And if you were wondering if they are used in a battle, then you would be wrong. Well, maybe they are, in a manner of speaking. Let me elaborate.

A battle rope is a thick, training rope, generally made from synthetic fiber like polypropylene. By winding them around a pole or a secure stand, you can give yourself an awesome toning and cardio workout.

Battle ropes look much like a thick rope that could be used to tie a boat to a dock or tie up a real meaty guy (jokes).

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As for your question, “What size battle rope should I get?”, well, coming from a background of personal training and being an all round gym junkie, I can give you the low-down right here. When you come across a new piece of equipment, there is nothing worse than wondering what type or size you should be going for and not having any assistance with it.

Hold tight to your ropes, it is going to be an exciting ride!

What Kind of Workout do you Want to Get out of the Battle Rope?

That question is important; as it will depict the size of rope you will choose in the death. Do you want a workout that will raise your heart rate to an exceptional level and allow you to get some speed going? Or do you want to build some muscle and strengthen up?

Cardio Blast

For a heart pumping, sweaty workout, you want to look at getting a 1.5-inch diameter battle rope. This means you can hang on to the rope with a solid grip and move your arms around at a nice fat burning pace.

Muscle Mania

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To build up some muscle strength and tone, you want a rope that is 2.0 inches in diameter. To be fair, these ropes suit a bigger grip best. They are much larger and require a larger hand grip for comfort. Generally, these ropes suit men better and we are not trying to take anything away from you lovely ladies out there. They are just a better fit for the larger, stronger hand.

Battle Rope Pulls and Other Exercises

For some options on workouts with the battle ropes click through to this cool video.

This beginners guide to battle ropes by Mens Health has some awesome tips.

What Size Build Do You Have?

This, too, needs to be taken into account when sussing out the different sizes of rope. And it all comes down to the length and not the girth of the rope. (dirty minds be gone!)

No, seriously now, the length of the rope is pertinent to the size of your build. The battle rope comes in various lengths. From a 30 foot, a 40 foot, a 50 foot and right up to a 70 foot. Now, taking into account that, once looped around a pole or supporting mechanism, you will be holding half those lengths in each hand, and that you will be wielding those buggers around, means the length is very important.

  • A 50 foot is perfect for most averaged sized people, men, and women both, and when you have those 25 feet in each hand you can create some hectic waves.
  • For a person smaller than 5.6 or 6.6 feet, you may want to consider a 40-foot battle rope. It will just work better with your ability to pump up and down. You would not want to pull a muscle or throw out a shoulder on your first bout with the warrior.
  • For kids, try out the 30-foot battle rope and use a 1.5-inch diameter option. It will just fit better in their hands as well as allow them to really get those ropes moving the way they are intended to.
  • Moving on to the 70-foot battle rope, which is the big kahuna of battle ropes. It is long. It really is long and the longer a battle rope the more muscle and power you need to get it going effectively. So, even if you are a buff gym nut, start lower and work your way up.

Muscleropes.com gives a good rundown on battle ropes.

Take note, that instead of buying all the sizes, go buy the big 70 foot and tie a knot in the middle to shorten it. If you are not sure, take a look at this video, which explains it quite nicely.

Check out this informative video too, which takes you through the different sizes and where you can buy them.

Some Options To Choose From

Most times, you can purchase any size in any brand and have a choice of colors.

Here are our firm favorite choices

Elite SRS Fitness Exercise Strength Training Battle Ropes

The Elite comes with an anchor strap (for strapping onto sturdy poles and the likes) and their handles are super long for comfort.

This guy has a material covering which will protect the rope from shredding over time. And in addition, has a very comfortable handle grip.

Anchor straps are great for versatile placement as well as that it protects the rope over time. There is minimal chafing this way, preserving the rope from shredding.

Battle Rope in Action

Battle ropes are common in Crossfit gyms as well as boxing gyms, however, we are seeing more and more of them in the local fitness gyms too.

Just be aware of the different sizes and start off smaller rather than larger. You don’t want to get an injury on your first try.

If you liked this article and found it helpful, please send us a comment. We would greatly appreciate it.

If you’re still not sure, check out this awesome video of 23 Battle Rope Exercises.

A quick run down on your question, “What size battle rope should I get?”:

  • Check out the different lengths available
  • Check out the different diameters available
  • Choose the right size for your build and strength
  • Adjust a given length by tieing a knot in the middle
  • And have fun!
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