Top 5 Best Weightlifting Exercises For Women

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Today, more and more women are working out at home to improve their health and well-being. The days of the 80’s aerobics classes or sweating to the golden oldies and wearing leotards are long gone. Women are looking for exercises that will not only help build their strength but also develop muscle tone and firm up those problem areas.

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If you are part of this new home gym trend, you will definitely need a weight bench. Why? Because it will give the ability to the flexibility to focus on different muscle groups and develop a training schedule that will get you into shape in now time.

But sometimes, these routines may be overwhelming for the gym newbie. And the worst thing can happen is that you exercise the wrong way and don’t get those dramatic results that are dreaming about.

To keep it as simple as possible and not over-complicated, we recommend 5 best weight lifting workouts for women available today. You can practice by yourself and still achieve great results, and in now time the benefits will shine through in your physique and body confidence. Furthermore, your strength will be improved, heaps of mass will be added, and the fat will be torched. Let’s get started.

1. Squat​

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This is a simple move of weight lifting which brings back the effective results. But most of the people are afraid of conducting it. What is the reason? Well, the squat is really hard to do. If you are able to come over it, you can get a big deal.

The squat can make most of the muscle group work, and during the process of practicing, testosterone runs to every part of your body. Therefore, your size, as well as your strength, will be improved.

When practicing the squat, there are a lot of muscles working together, such as erecator spinae, glutes, adductors, vastus lateralis, quads, vastus medialis, gastrocnemius, hamstrings, abs, abductors, soleus, and rectus femoris.

There are some muscles which you even do not know where they are.

The steps to do a squat:

  1. Put a bar onto your trap muscle so that you feel comfortable most. At first, maybe you do not get used to this, but after a few times of practicing, all the things will be fine
  2. Your head needs to be up, while your hips, as well as the shoulders, are back. Focus your weight on the heels and keep your feet and your knees in the same line
  3. Keep your back tight. You need to make your elbows down. With the aid of this, your chest will be up and down in the right level during your practicing
  4. Keep the pressure on your heels. You can take advantage of your heels to lift the bar up. Doing this will help you to avoid the knee surgery which is quite expensive in 10 years
  5. Execute the squat by breaking at your knees. Now your knees need to be broken, and you start to sit gradually with your hips. Make sure that your back maintains to be straight, and the movement must not be round
  6. Open up your hips. As you know before, your knees and your feet are not too far from each other. To remain this, your hips need to be opened suitably. You should consider the length of your leg in order to create the suitable angle of your knees and feet. From that, when you conduct the squat, they will be in the right position.

    This form plays an important role in the squat. You do not need to practice with the heavy bars at the first time. The thing you need to do is creating the form perfectly. You may feel bored with this, but you will get a great deal after that. You can avoid the nagging injuries.

There are a lot of ways to squat, and here are the most popular ones. They are front squats, goblet, and back.

  • Goblet squat: in this kind, you will hold a dumbbell, kettlebell or a medicine ball at the center of your chest
  • Back squat: a barbell is really a challenge for you. If you are a starter, you should ask for an introduction of the guidance. In this kind of squat, you need to focus your weight on 2 positions: high or low
  • Front squat: when practicing the front squat, you have to find the front rack position where you feel comfortable. If you work with a barbell, this tool must rest right on the neck or the shoulder in the case of the wider barbell. Your elbows need to be up, point out and parallel to the ground as well.

2. Deadlift

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Deadlifts will make you feel really incredible. This movement is considered as the one which helps you gain the strength effectively. The deadlifts and the squats are quite alike in their benefits. It also gives the testosterone through your body.

Working with the deadlift, here are the working muscles: upper back, obliques, biceps, forearms, lats, spinal erectors, hamstrings, posterior delts, gluts, calves, lower back, abs, quads, and more…

How to execute a deadlift:

  1. Open your feet a little less than the width of your shoulder and then stand above the bar. Your form must be suitable in order to be able to get the bar by your arms
  2. Now, stand under the bar so that from that position, you can see the bar is at the center of your feet directly
  3. Stretch your arms perpendicular to the ground and get the bar
  4. Your knees need to be bending down till your shins and the bar meet together
  5. Before lifting, your chest needs to be up, and the shoulders will move back
  6. Now it’s time to lift the bar. You must keep the bar as close to you as you can. Your back has to be straight through the rest
  7. Right the time the bar go over your knees, your hips have to be thrust forward. Your legs straighten slowly and your hips, knees as well your feet must be in line
  8. Come back to your start position.

3. Bench press

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The bench press seems to be the most favorite exercise for women. When asking about your strength, most women immediately think about the exercise with the bench stats. The bench press will improve the strength of your upper body. To support bench press process better, you can use the best adjustable weight bench to exercise more at home. You will feel clear how strong your body is day by day.

While practicing with the bench press, these muscles will work together; they are anconeus serratus anterior, rotator cuffs, pecs, coracobrachialis, deltoids, middle and inferior trapezius, shoulder muscles, core, triceps and more…

How to execute the bench press:

  1. Use your outside shoulder grip to grab the bar slightly. You should keep your hips firm on the bench with the aid of your lower back. The feet need to be flatted on the floor. You shoulder blades will lock your shoulder downwards
  2. Move the bar to the sternum area. Adjust in order to your elbows will be at a 45-degree angle
  3. Remember to make your body and legs not move, lift the bar up.

4. Pull-ups

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Pull-ups is really a good exercise for you to gain the strength for your whole body and your endurance as well.

There are lots of muscles working while practicing pull-ups, such as Lats, teres major, biceps, subscapularis, pecs, triceps, rhomboid, coracobrachialis and more.

How to execute the pull-ups:

  1. To practice pull-up, there are quite many ways: your palms facing forward or backward, the grip may be close or wide-open
  2. The traditional way is that using the palms facing forward combining to the wide-open grip. The grip is a little wider compared to your shoulders
  3. With the aid of this grip, hang on the bar and pull your body up straightly till your chin goes over the bar
  4. Remain this form for a second and the com back to the hang position

5. Military press

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Military Press also called the overhead press, is one of the most favorite exercises most people feel like. It is able to improve your upper body as well as gain your strong muscles. This is considered as the most amazing workout to build your whole body.

Here are the muscles working together while practicing the military press: chest, delts, core, shoulders, and legs along with all stabilizer muscles.

How to execute this exercise:

  1. Stand on a squat rack and at the position which the barbell is at your chest
  2. Use your palms to grab the barbell forward, a little wider than the width of your shoulder
  3. With the aid of your wide feet and the collar bone is rested the bar, the bar rests on the knees slightly, and then you lift up quickly. The bar needs to be lifted over your head
  4. Lift the bar down the starting position.

Now on your off days away from the bench try using the best home rowing machine you can afford. This will break up your weight sessions, with more focused exercises on other parts of your body. Also, it is great cardio to introduce into your workout schedule.


Here are top 5 effective movements you can do to gain your strength as well as improve your muscles. You can practice them once a week, and then you will get an incredible result. We hope this article will be useful for you and you can achieve the result you expect.

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