Differences Between Road Bikes And Fitness Bikes

Differences Between Road Bikes And Fitness Bikes Featured Image

Buying a bike these days is not as simple, or as cheap, as it used to be before. Many of us have already faced this prevailing Road Bike vs. Fitness Bike question and ended up with the wrong answer. You will have to consider the cost, the terrain you will be covering and the purpose of your bike- be it for fun, for exercise, or for just getting to work.

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Your budget

One thing we all know is that spending more money always brings a better bike regarding bearings, brakes, and weight reductions by using exclusive alloys or synthetic materials. If you aim to use the bike for two or three hours a day, or for several days a week, then that extra money is well spent. If you just need a bike for short-duration, occasional and fair weather excursions, then go for a cheaper model.

Fitness goals and benefits

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According to www.cyclingforums.com, bike riding offers one of the most sustainable aerobic workouts while concentrating on the leg muscles. This is due to the body position of the head being much lower in almost an attack position. After a period of 15 minutes or so, you may find this position bit uncomfortable and not much fun. Having a fitness type bike will place you in a much more comfortable upright position. When used over different terrains you will also be using your arms and upper body as well as your lungs and legs.

Personal Safety

Road bikes cannot really be used over coarse terrain and in fact, becomes dangerous. Thinner tires can be damaged easily and are also prone to slippage, as the structure is not planned for constant jolting and impacts. Plus, the body position makes balance more difficult. If you need the bike for commuting through traffic and built up areas, then a fitness bike is the best choice. The more upright body position provides for better vision, allowing you to react to traffic around you quickly and easily.

The larger tires with improved grip will also handle the different patchwork of road surfaces found in cities, and you can easily jump up onto the sidewalk when traffic is heavy. Using a fitness bike for the year also facilitates for all-around use. The tires are better suited to wet, icy or snow-covered surfaces where road bikes are notoriously treacherous.

The purpose of your ride

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If you are in training or a road racing group, then you will need a road bike. The steady surface and need to keep up with the pack will make it essential. A fitness bike is not as fast, but it can surely handle mud, grass, rocks, and puddles and it includes the entire configuration to deal with all the stresses within. They are also more comfortable and can even come with piston type suspension on the forks. For a ride around the park with your family, a fitness bike will work best for you.


Take your time when considering whether to buy a Road Bike or a Fitness Bike. Take into consideration the length and frequency of your rides, whether the average ride is for a practical purpose or some part of a fitness program, the traffic and terrain you will face. Once you have chosen the generic type of bike, reflect your budget, and after that, you can buy it.

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