How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs – The Definite Guide


The man boobs. One of the most problematic and stress-inducing conditions to deal with if you’re having excess fat in your body. Not just being unhealthy and making you prone to illnesses, man boobs (moobs, bit*h tits, saggy bags, however you’ve heard them called) look really bad, make you lose confidence, and expose you to mocking in many occasions.

If you’ve been dealing with man boobs, you know the situations: feeling too embarrassed to take your clothes off in public, not going to the pool or beach, trying to squeeze your clothing to restrain them to look normal…

If you’ve been there, I know how hard it can be, brother.

That stubborn fat can be so problematic, especially if you’ve committed yourself to get rid of man boobs. No matter how hard you try to work out or diet, moobs keep stressing you out, discouraging you, and make you feel bad.

Today we’re digging deep into the core of the problem. Let’s get rid of these man boobs together and live a happy, shirtless life!


What are Man Boobs? What causes them?

Man boobs are an excess fat concentrated in the area of a man’s breast, near the nipples. Almost 30% of all men deal with some form of man boobs or will do in the future.

The excess fat can be saggy and soft, or firm at some cases. This condition comes from different factors and reasons.

Common Signs Of Man Boobs

The soft tissue developing on the nipple area can be noticed on sight or touch, and it manifests as a steady growth of the breast tissue.

Sometimes it might feel like your breasts are swelling, and they might be painful – these are the signs of gynecomastia, a serious hormonal misbalance state which causes men to develop soft tissue around the nipples.

On the other hand, if you’re overweight, the excess fat will spread across your whole body, including breasts.

Big belly, fat on the hips, back, arms and legs – these are all the symptoms that will appear if you’re living an unhealthy life not being active and eating a lot of junk food.

The Two Types Of Man Boobs

Let’s see what are the differences between these two types of man boobs. This will help you understand what situation you’re dealing with, thus enabling you to treat it the perfect way.





Saggy, pointy, with large nipples and areolas.

Round and saggy


Hormonal misbalance



Hard on touch, with lumps around the nipples

Soft overall


Either developed from a young age or induced by factors later in life

No age-related



Diffuse chest ( the whole chest being soft and fat)

As you can see, there is a big difference in the two types of man boobs, both aesthetically and physically. The structure of the formed breast tissue is almost completely different (although there is some fat in gyno-induced man boobs), because the types are developed for various reasons.

Therefore, treating man boobs that are formed differently depends on the factor responsible for their creation. The gyno-induced man boobs are harder to treat, require a special approach and usually a clinical intervention to remove them.

On the other hand, obesity-induced man boobs (called pseudogynecomastia) are much easier to treat; they require you to lose fat, and with a certain amount of fat out of your body, the boobs will start to withdraw.

The good news is, there is over 90% of chance that you’re dealing with obesity-induced man boobs; gynecomastia is behind a very low percentage of man boobs cases.

There are four levels of gynecomastia regarding the amount of swelling or fat contained in the breasts. Since the majority of the man boobs develop because of increased fat deposits in the body and this is related to the lifestyle and diet the most.

Why You Get Man Boobs?

Since pseudogynecomastia mainly comes from being overweight, it’s widely known how you get to this state – not being active and eating too much (especially junk food).

Gynecomastia, on the other hand, can be caused by many different periods in life, and by a number of factors. To fully understand this, we must return to the basics; this state is caused by hormonal imbalance (estrogen/testosterone in favor of estrogen).

  • Men in middle age or older have tendencies to develop man breasts simply because their testosterone levels are dropping with time. This is the natural cause to grow man boobs.
  • On the other hand, an imbalance in very young age (usually caused by a Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis failure) sets the young boys into young adulthood with stress, loss of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Diet is one of the most common reasons why you have man boobs. Increased sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed oils can stimulate the growth on man boobs.
  • Factors like, alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, toxin exposure, prohibited drug abuse, traumatic brain injury, chemotherapy, and genetics contribute to an improper hormone ratio, which can result in developing man boobs, no matter the age.
  • Man boobs might be the outcome of the medication you’re using. Antidepressants, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines might provoke an increased estrogen production which causes breasts to grow.
  • Several other factors can disturb your inner hormonal balance and stimulate breast growth, such as breast cancers, cysts, hematoma, and even fat necrosis.
  • Getting enough sleep is often overlooked, but it contributes to a healthy hormonal balance. If you don’t sleep well and enough, you might be at risk.
  • Steroids can have an adverse effect on the man’s body, especially when abused for non-medical purposes.


To make sure you’re ruling the gynecomastia out, you should visit your doctor. This is imperative if you have any doubts, simply because if you do have gynecomastia, no amount of workout or diet change will make any change.

The difference between these two conditions requires a different approach, and to remove gynecomastia, you’ll need to have a surgical intervention.

The doctor will inspect your skin, hormonal levels, and perform tests that will ensure the condition. No matter if you have a gynecomastia or a pseudogynecomastia, a proper assessment will set you on the right path.

Nutrition Principles and Sample Diets to Get Rid of Man Boobs


The impact of nutrition on a person's wellbeing is greatly underestimated, and in this section, we will emphasize the importance of eating properly to successfully fight off moobs.

A lot of foods consumed daily by the majority of people are simply junk, meaning that they do not serve the body in a good way.

Junk food, by definition, is rich in calories but low in nutrients, and I'm sure that all of you already know some examples (hamburgers, pizza, donuts, ice cream, potato chips, etc.).

These meals are either too high in simple carbohydrates, too high in “bad” saturated fats or both, while not containing any fiber, vitamins or minerals.

As a result of eating these kinds of foods often, people get fat and increase the possibility of heart disease and cancer. Another thing that might be making troubles is alcohol since it is packed with calories, and many tend to crave junk food after having a few drinks.

How Do Bad Eating Habits Promote Man Boobs?


Besides making people gain fat, junk food can also create a hormonal imbalance in men. The breast tissue in men, as well as women, develops from estrogen. Women tend to have more of this hormone in their bodies while men have higher levels of testosterone.

According to certain scientific research, excessive fat might be the reason for excess estrogen secretions in male bodies thus pushing the estrogen-testosterone ratio out of balance. More estrogen = more boobs.

Having this information in mind, changing your diet should be the first step – there is simply no way around this. Focus on eating whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, whole grains, meat, eggs, and dairy.

However, don’t go crazy about one particular food group; remember, balance is the key here.

The ideal thing to do would be to find the appropriate ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats for your body, and try to include that in your every meal. Feeding your body this way, you’ll source optimal nutrients to force the hormonal balance.

Where To Start?


Once you know all of this information, it is important to implement it. Jumping into something is usually not a good idea, so we advise making gradual changes to your diet.

For example, swap candy for fruits, put more veggies on your plate than meat or carbs, choose lean meats (chicken, turkey) instead of fatty ones (pork), etc. Eventually, good habits will replace the bad ones, and healthy eating choices will become a regular thing for you.

Next, have a daily meal plan. This is an excellent way to track calories and to make sure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis. Also, by doing this, it will be harder for you to fall back into the habit of eating bad foods.

A dietary regimen recommended by many health experts consists of three meals and two snacks, and here is an example of a well thought out meal plan:







- One handful of berries

- 50g oatmeal

- Two whole eggs

- Two pieces of whole wheat bread toast

- ½ avocado

- 50g smoked salmon

- 150g Greek yogurt

- 50g granola

- Two whole eggs and two egg whites omelet

- Veggies or mushrooms optional

- Two pieces of whole wheat bread toast

- 2 tbsp peanut butter

- 200 ml milk


A piece of fresh fruit/ handful of unsalted nuts or seeds


- 150 g grilled chicken breast

- 1 cup salad of choice with olive oil

- 1/3 cup cooked brown rice

- 120 g beef steak

- 1 cup salad of choice with olive oil

- One sweet potato

- 150g grilled turkey breast

- One medium potato

- 1/2 avocado

- 1 cup salad of choice

-1/3 cup cooked brown rice

- 1 cup salad of choice with olive oil

-150 g lamb

- 150g grilled chicken breast

- One sweet potato

- 1 cup salad of choice

- 1/2 avocado


A piece of fresh fruit/ handful of unsalted nuts or seeds


- 200g lamb

- One large potato

- Unlimited green salad

- 200g salmon

-100 g steamed broccoli

- 1 potato

- 180 g canned tuna

- 30 g feta cheese

- Unlimited tomato and cucumber salad

- 100 g Emmental cheese

- Two pieces whole wheat toast

- 1 cup green salad

- 200 g canned sardines

- 1 cup green salad

- 1/3 cup cooked brown rice

The above-presented meal plan is an excellent starting point for anyone. Of course, it will need adjustment according to a person's activity level, body type, food allergies, etc.

Use a body mass index calculator to know how much calories you’ll need to maintain your regime.

Lastly, having a cheat meal once or twice a week will not do you any harm so feel free to treat yourself but be moderate and make sure that you earned it.

Exercise Principles And 3 Ways To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

To get rid of man boobs, you need to start changing your daily routine and implement physical training. If you’re working out already, you need to switch things up and focus on certain aspects of training to achieve the accurate result.

Man boobs can be rally stubborn, and many people fail to get rid of them because of lack of patience, improper way of eating, and improper way of training.

Also, you won’t solve such a demanding problem as man boobs by just starting a workout regime. You need to change your complete routine, the way you behave, your habits, the way you do things, and to start thinking more.

Exercise Principles:

1. Fix Your Posture


Besides various spine-related problems, sitting at a desk all day, every day will promote chances of getting man boobs. What exactly happens?

As your back slouches and your shoulders roll over, your body will be in a position which emphasizes the saggy man boobs. The chest muscles get loose, supporting this wrong position even further.

Here are a few simple and useful tips that you should put to practice as often as possible, especially if you have a desk job.

Practice being aware of your posture at all times. As soon as you realize that you are slouched, pull the shoulder blades back and down and straighten your spine.

As time goes by, the idea is that this should become your natural position, and you will sit like this effortlessly.

Do shoulder dislocations, an exercise which is easy to perform yet produces fantastic results. To do it, all you need is a stick or a rubber band.

Start doing low bar squats at least 2-3 times a week. They will strengthen your legs, glutes, abdomen and back, and positively affect your posture.

2. Do Cardiovascular Exercise


Cardio exercise is beneficial for anyone looking to get in shape or just maintain their health, but it is vital for those trying to get rid of man boobs.

Everyone knows it, and it's pretty much common sense – cardio will help you burn body fat more rapidly, and this also refers to the fat around your chest.

How much cardio do you need to do?

Certain experts recommend 30 minutes per day, but the results will vary from person to person. Some will be okay with less; some will need more. If 30 minutes at once is too much time for you, break it into two 15 minute sessions.

Another good piece of advice is that you should try to find something that you enjoy doing. This way it is more likely that you will be consistent and thus achieve the desired results. Running, swimming, cycling, rowing, jumping rope, etc. are good examples of cardio.

Also, if you like traditional or team sports, like basketball, tennis, soccer - go along with it. Anything is ok, as long as it is challenging and makes you break a sweat.

Running around outdoors with your kids or a dog can also be considered as exercise.

3. Shaping Your Torso With Strength Training


One other cause of man boobs could be a lack of muscle in the chest area. Therefore, you will need to build up some.

Having more muscle will also speed up your metabolism since your body will require more energy thus burn more calories.

Start with pushups. They are a basic and one of the most effective chest-building exercises. There are many variations of pushups so you can change it up a little bit, and try some new ones if you get bored.

In addition to this, it is recommendable to do weighted presses like bench press or dumbbell chest press. Find the weight which allows you to perform 8-12 repetitions, and then do around three sets of each exercise, 2-3 times a week.

Try to do a variety of these exercises (incline/decline bench) to make sure that you are working out your chest from all angles. Switch it up every 4-5 weeks.

You also need to know that pushing/pressing needs to be complemented with rowing and pulling exercises to avoid building up an imbalanced upper body. Throw in some pull-ups and barbell rows into your workout regimen.

The bottom line is that strength training will help you add on more muscle, no doubt about it, but if you build up a big chest and still have a lot of fat on your body, the man boobs will persist to a degree. The optimal solution is to do both cardio and strength training for best results.

Three Ways To Get Rid Of Man Boobs:

Based on the nutrition and exercise principles above, we refined three plans to get rid of man boobs:

Option 1: ( Fast way ) Without Going To The Gym


Yes, it is possible to lose man boobs without going to the gym. But you have to be very determined and follow your plan without cheating in either exercises or meals. The essence of losing the man boobs is to gain as much muscle as possible and shed as much subcutaneous adipose tissue (in one word – fat) as possible.

To do so, a person would have to perform exercises that target large muscles, make shorter breaks between sets and do a little cardio here and there. Also, healthier food choices with substantially more protein and vegetables are a must.

Remember that number of sets and repetitions are written for demonstration purposes only.

How much work you will do depends on a lot of factors such as age, level of psychical fitness, size and weight and the level of your determination, of course. As the time passes and the workout becomes easier for you, you should challenge yourself both mentally and psychically by performing more sets, repetitions and shorten the break between the sets. Remember, your mind sets the limits, not your body.

Here’s an example of a good, quality plan from which anyone can start:

Day 1
Day 1 – Exercise 1:


Sets: 10

Repetitions: 10

Get into the pushup position, slowly and controllably lower your body until your chest touches the floor and then come back up.

One hundred pushups are no piece of cake, but you should know that they are an excellent tool that targets your pectorals, triceps, shoulders, and core.


Rest between sets should be as long as you need it to be to perform the exercise correctly each time. When you build some foundation with your pushups (it will take at least one month), feel free to shorten the break to 30 seconds or less. Things to remember: squeeze your glutes and abs, don't allow your lower back to sag. Inhale on your way down, exhale on your way up.

Day 1 – Exercise 2: 

Jumping squats

Sets: 5

Repetitions: 10-15

Stand straight with the feet about shoulder width apart and the arms pressed against each other in front of your chest.

Inhale while going down to the squat position and then jump vertically as high as you can (while exhaling), and bring your arms up like you're trying to catch something.


Of course, if you can't perform this exercise start with regular squats first. Squats are a great exercise for your lower body and a terrific tool for losing fat. In short: more muscle tissue is being worked on; more calories spent in the process, and more significant afterburn effect it has.

Things to remember: Keep your back straight, your abs slightly contracted, go down somewhat below the parallel while squatting and then explode up. Rest between sets should not surpass 1 minute.

Day 1 – Exercise 3: 


Sets: 5

Repetitions: 8-10

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises known to man. They work your back, arms, and chest. Start by grabbing the bar with the overhand grip. The space between your hands should be shoulder width apart.

Inhale, pull yourself up until your chin gets over the bar, and exhale on the way up. Then slowly lower yourself to the starting position.


Things to remember: Pull your shoulder blades downward first and then pull your body up. Try to minimize leg movement and pull your elbows down and back while protruding your chest up high.

Day 2
Day 2 – Exercise 1: 

Dive bomber push-ups

Sets: 6

Repetitions: 7-10

Begin this exercise with your arms on the floor, shoulder-width apart, and spread your feet apart as well.

Get your glutes high up in the air, so that you resemble an inverted letter V. Inhale, flex your arms and push your body down and forward so that your chest nearly touches the ground.

Don't stop in that position but push your body until your chest and head are high up in the air, your back is arched, your pelvis is on the floor.


Don't hold your breath but exhale with the effort. Hold that pose for a while and then take a breath and return to the starting position by doing the pushup in reverse and exhale with the effort as well. Dive bombers are one of the best pushup variations.

This exercise targets pecs, shoulders, triceps, back and core. They can be quite difficult if done right so perform them slowly and concentrated. Rest between sets should be south of one minute.

Things to remember: There are two ways of performing this exercise when your elbows go to the side while going down and when they stay close to the body. If your elbows go to the side, your pectorals and shoulders will do most of the work.

Day 2 – Exercise 2: 

Jumping lunges

Sets: 10

Repetitions: 10 (five with each leg)

You start the exercise in the lunge position. One leg is forward, the other backward. Legs are bent at the knees. The knee of the "back" leg is touching the ground. Hands are positioned on the hips. The back is straight, abs engaged. From that pose, jump vertically in the air, switch legs and land on your feet.


This task is not as easy as it seems. If you are not able to perform jumping lunges, do regular lunges first. The pause between sets should be less than a minute. It would be ideal to rest for 30 seconds (or less) before performing another set. Jumping lunges are a great exercise for your legs and glutes and also for your cardiovascular endurance.

Things to remember: Make a wider stance while performing this exercise, so your balance doesn't suffer.

Day 2 – Exercise 3: 

Reversed rows

Sets: 5

Repetitions: 12- 15

For this exercise, you will need a wooden (or metal) bar, two inches thick and about 40 inches long. Put two chairs against each other and wooden stick on top of them. Lay beneath and grab the stick with the overhead grip. Your arms are extended, and your body is straight.


Inhale and pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar. Exhale on the top. Return to the starting position slowly. This exercise seems somewhat easier than the rest, but if you do it correctly, you should feel your back engaged pretty good. The rest between sets should be a minute or less.

Things to remember: Retract your shoulder blades before lifting yourself up.

Day 3
Day 3 – HIIT: 

Sets: as many as you can

Repetitions: as much as you can do in 20 seconds

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it is one of the best methods for losing adipose fat while maintaining the muscle tissue.

There are a bunch of different ways for performing the HIIT, but we will show you the one that you can do at home with no equipment whatsoever.


There are three exercises in the routine, and you should do each of them with full force for 20 seconds, following 10 seconds of rest. After you've finished all three exercises and completed the circle you are allowed 30 to 60 seconds of rest. Do as many circles as you can.

The first exercise is the legionnaire. From a standing position drop to the squat position and then to the pushup position. From the pushup position, return to the squat position and jump vertically. That counts as one rep. Do as many as you can in 20 seconds.

The second exercise is jumping. From a standing position, jump vertically as high as you can and lift both legs closer to your chest as possible.

The third exercise is a mountain climber. From the pushup position, bring your left knee to your chest, return it, and then bring your right knee to your chest. Switch between legs as fast as possible for 20 seconds.

Things to remember: This type of workout is very tough for beginners so pace yourself. Start slowly and up the tempo in the coming weeks.

This workout plan should be performed at least once a week. Naturally, if you feel energized and well, you can do it twice per week.

You can do it at home, park, hotel room, and anywhere you see fit. The great thing about it is there is no need for fancy equipment. You have everything you need at home.

Here’s the whole table again so you can use it:

Day 1 – Exercise 1:


Sets: 10

Repetitions: 10

Day 1 – Exercise 2:

Jumping squats

Sets: 5

Repetitions: 10-15

Day 1 – Exercise 3:


Sets: 5

Repetitions: 8-10

Day 2 – Exercise 1:

Dive bomber push-ups

Sets: 6

Repetitions: 7-10

Day 2 – Exercise 2:

Jumping lunges

Sets: 10

Repetitions: 10 (five with each leg)

Day 2 – Exercise 3:

Reversed rows

Sets: 5

Repetitions: 12-15

Day 3 – HIIT

Sets: as many as you can

Repetitions: as much as you can do in 20 seconds

As you progress and build your strength and stamina, you can increase the number of reps and sets while decreasing the time in between sets. You should workout three days in a row and rest on the fourth day.

Regarding the nutrition, we have established some principles in the third section of our article. Feel free to combine these groceries but remember to eat some protein and vegetables at each meal.

Option 2: ( The best way ) Going To The Gym


In this section of our article, we'll write about the best way to lose those man boobs for good. The goal is to combine workout with weights and the optimal nutrition so that your hard work pays out as soon as possible.

Why is it so important to train with weights? Because more muscle fibers are recruited, the afterburn effect is greater, and your metabolism is boosted significantly.

Look at it this way: the more muscle you have (combined with the optimal nutrition of course) the leaner you'll be, and those man boobs will soon be just a bad memory.

Workouts should be short (not more than 1 hour) and intensive. You should train no more than four days a week, repeating two-day cycles of upper and lower body workouts.

Exercises: Upper Body

Exercise 1

Bench Press


Bench press has always been the staple of bodybuilding and strength workout. The starting position of the exercise is lying flat on the bench and grabbing the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Take the bar of the rack, then slowly and controllably proceed to lower it to your chest while inhaling, and push it away from your chest, the same way, exhaling.

This exercise is great for your chest, shoulders, triceps, and even your back to some degree. Pause between sets should be about a minute - minute and a half. Load the bar with enough weight to do 8-12 reps at the most.

PRO TIP: Measure the rest time – don’t go over the time limit. It’s imperative to balance the weight and rest time. Many people load the bar more than they should (mostly driven by their egos), and compensate for the rest time.

By doing this, the workout will have a different effect on your chest. It won’t shrink your moobs, it will enlarge your chest muscles. That means you’ll have a bigger chest, with the fat still there. A entirely different effect, don’t you think?

Things to remember: Grip the bar tightly and not too broad. While lowering the weight on the chest, your elbows should be about 45 degrees away from the body.

Exercise 2

Weighted Pull-ups


We wrote about pull-ups in the section above, and the only thing that you need to add (when you master the regular pull-up of course) is weight. Whether it's a weighted west or chain around your waist stacked with weights, it doesn't matter.

Pull-ups are one of the best upper body exercises, and they are even more successful at building muscle if you add more weighted resistance while doing them.

PRO TIP: This video from ATHLEAN-X will help you progress in pull-ups significantly.

Things to remember: only add weights after you've mastered regular pull-ups. Start by adding only a couple of pounds and increase that weight in the coming months.

Exercise 3

Military Press


In the standing position, the barbell is held at shoulder height. Inhale and press the weight above your head while exhaling. After that, slowly return the barbell to the starting position. It is pretty simple exercise but very effective.

Your shoulders and triceps are the main antagonists but your trapezius and chest work as well. The rest between sets should be no more than one minute, and repetitions should be in the range of 12-15.

Of course, with the enough weight on the bar to perform 15 reps maximum.

PRO TIP: Try mixing up 1+1/2 repetitions into your press, counting one and a half rep as one.

This way you’ll engage more muscle fibers and put more tension into this exercise.(Make sure you’ve mastered the regular form before proceeding to this technique.)

Things to remember: Engage your core during this exercise because the more stable your foundation is, the easier is to press the weight above your head. Also, if you engage your core, the risk of injuries is reduced to a minimum.

Exercise 4

Bent Over Row


Start the exercise by holding the bar in medium grip, and bend your torso close to a ninety degrees relative to the ground. Your legs should be shoulder width apart and slightly bent.

You should use the under grip to hold the bar, and your hands should be separated a bit more than shoulder width. Your back should be straight, and your chest should be protruding, while your arms are actively hanging down.

Inhale and pull the barbell to your belly button while contracting the muscles in your back. Exhale with the effort and proceed with returning the weights to the starting position. Rest between sets should be about a minute - minute and a half.

Load the bar with enough weight to do 8-12 reps with your maximum effort. Bent over row is a terrific exercise for your lats and lower back muscles.

PRO TIP: Putting the bar on the floor while performing this exercise will lighten the pressure on your lumbar section and help you concentrate on the muscles of the back.

Things to remember: Keep your back straight and squeeze those abs and glutes to prevent injury of the spine. Your head should be in the neutral position, and your traps should be engaged as well. Retract the shoulder blades first and then pull the weights.

Exercises: Lower Body

Exercise 1



Stand up straight and let the bar rest on your trapezius muscle while you are holding it tight with your hands. Your feet should be a little wider than shoulder width apart, parallel stance.

With your back straight and chest protruded, squat down until your hamstrings are at least parallel to the ground. Inhale as you go down, exhale while you go up.

Squats are one of the best exercises for building the overall strength. A large group of muscles are working to stabilize your core while you squat that weight down and go up.

Load the bar with enough weight to perform at least 6-8 repetition of this exercise. Pause between sets should range from minute to two minutes.

PRO TIP: Experimenting with stance and width of your legs will get you much further. Switch stances in width, angle of the feet placement, and the depth of the squat. But make sure to master the original form until you start this.

Things to remember: Keep the back straight, and your abs tightened. Squeeze your glutes and perform the move like you're going to sit on a chair. While squatting, make sure that your knees don't go beyond your toes.

Exercise 2



Deadlift is one of the best exercises ever. Period. They don't call it "The mother of all lifts" for nothing- your whole body is engaged in this movement, burning the most calories and developing the most muscle.

You're starting the exercise by standing straight with the barbell in front of you, on the ground. Your feet are shoulder width or a little more apart, and your shins are touching the bar.

Bend over with your back straight and abs engaged and reach for the bar. Grab it with a mixed grip (stronger hand uses a supinated grip, and weaker hand uses a pronated grip) about shoulder width apart and squeeze it like it owes you money. Glutes go down and back, and legs are flexed a bit.

From that position lift the bar with your back and legs until you go to a standing position. This exercise, if done right, targets almost every muscle in your body. You should do them with a weight significant enough so you can perform no more than 5-8 repetitions in 5-6 sets.

Rest between sets should be north of 2 minutes. Recuperate well so that you can perform in every set.

Things to remember: Don't ever arch your back! Squeeze those glutes and abs and also press that bar like you want to crush it with your bare hands. Arms should be straight, and weights should travel a straight line from the bottom to the top.

PRO TIP: Concentrate on bar path during your repetitions – it should be straight without oscillations forward or backward. If you don’t have a strong foundation, your bar won’t travel in a straight line.

Exercise 3

Weighted Lunges


This exercise is performed the same as lunges without weights. The only difference is that you grab dumbells in each hand while doing lunges. The weight should be moderate so that you can easily do 15 reps with each leg. Pause between sets is a minute or less.

Speaking of sets, five of them should be more than enough. Naturally, as you progress, feel free to add more sets and use heavier weights.

This exercise is an excellent addition to two previous exercises, and it challenges your quads, glutes, hamstrings and forearms to a high degree.

Things to remember: Don't exaggerate with the amount of weight and keep your back straight at all times.

PRO TIP: This exercise affects strength, balance, and destroys your hamstrings. Don’t go with too large steps, and maintain balance at all times.

If you’re having trouble performing this exercise with weights, keep doing regular lunges and add variations with jumps and side steps to develop your legs and core further.

You might be wondering: “Only three exercises for lower body?“

Believe me; this workout is very demanding and difficult. Depending on your fitness level, it can bring you progression, or a fantastic transformation if you’re at the beginning.

If done right, it can strengthen your legs and core significantly, thus increasing your calorie consumption overall, making you a fat burning machine.

Keep in mind that everyone should adapt this workout to himself and his fitness level. It should be done four times a week with at least a day of rest in between.


It would be ideal to work your torso on Monday, legs on Tuesday and take Wednesday as your time off. On Wednesday you shouldn't lift weights, but you should have an active rest. That means that you should walk, maybe swim, play some sports and be active, but not too active.

On Thursday it is torso day again, following the leg day on Friday. Then, take two days off for active rest and recovery.

Here’s another table to make it easier for you:








Upper body

Lower body

Active rest

Upper body

Lower body

Active rest

Rest day

Bench Press:

5 sets / 8-12 reps


5-6 sets / 5-8 reps


Bench Press:

5 sets / 8-12 reps


5-6 sets / 5-8 reps


Chill out and prepare for the nextweek

Weighted pull-ups:

4 sets / 10 reps


5 sets / 6-8 reps


Weighted pull-ups:

4 sets / 10 reps


5 sets / 6-8 reps


Military Press:

4 sets /12-15 reps

Weighted lunges:

4 sets / 12-15 reps


Military Press:

4 sets / 12-15 reps

Weighted lunges:

4 sets / 12-15 reps


Bent over row:

4 sets / 8-12 reps


Bent over row:

4 sets / 8-12 reps


Sleep as much as you can, hydrate and eat well. When you lift weights there is a higher demand for protein and calories in general, so don't shy on those meals.

Just keep your meals as clean as possible. If you get enough rest and eat clean, the results will be visible in one or two months with ease.


It is not necessary, but right supplementation can aid in your training regime big time. Food supplements have sense only if you eat high-quality foods, of course.

Speaking of meals, you should eat at least four times a day, every 4 hours. Try not to overeat. Instead, eat until you are 80-90 percent full.

When it comes to supplementation, a good multivitamin/mineral tablets are a must. Also, you should take some amino acids first thing in the morning and after a workout with optional whey protein supplement after a workout and in between meals.

Your daily meal plan should look something like this:

  • Amino acids with some water first thing in the morning
  • Half an hour after that it's breakfast time: Peper and mushrooms omelet with some avocado. Take your multivitamin/mineral supplement.
  • If you get a bit hungry before lunch, drink a protein shake or eat some Greek yogurt.
  • Four hours after breakfast it's time for lunch: Eat a steak with some sweet potatoes and some lettuce.
  • Two hours after the lunch have your amino acids, warm up and work out. Drink a protein shake after the workout and eat a banana or some raisins.
  • Eat some white rice with turkey breast hour and a half after the workout.
  • Have a light dinner in the evening. Some cottage cheese (or some canned tuna) with some cucumbers and tomatoes or a vegetable of your choice.

PRO TIP: Keep it basic. Dieting to lose man boobs that brings results is straightforward and boring.

Feel free to replace one type of meat with another (steak with chicken breast or chicken leg). Also, feel free to replace one source of carbs with another.

For instance, you can replace sweet potatoes with regular ones or white rice with some millet (corn, lentils, quinoa, oats, etc.).

In between the breakfast and lunch, you can eat some almonds or Indian nuts instead of Greek yogurt. At dinner, you can eat almost any vegetable (broccoli, lettuce, carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, etc.) with tuna, salmon, tilapia, sardine or any cheese.

The main thing is not to complicate too much with your foods. Have two or three food sources and that's it.


Don't forget to drink plenty of water which can even go up to three or more liters a day, depending on your size and age. Eat clean, workout hard, rest well and don't forget to be more positive and enjoy life.

Because life is also what we feel, not just our physical appearance. This relates to man boob problem the most – you’ll definitely going to need some longer time to remove them completely, but in the process, some other results will appear faster.

I’m talking about wider shoulders, bigger arms, and legs, leaner stomach, even some muscles forming under your skin and showing for the first time. Enjoy in these small victories on your road to the ultimate goal.

In other words, don’t focus on the moobs so passionately; you’ll miss your new arms, legs, shoulders, back – and they will be impressive!

Option 3: Going To The Doctor


If you’re suffering from a form of gynecomastia, you’ll have to take a different approach. The doctor’s assessment will determine the depth of the problem, and the state you’re in.

Depending on your state, you’ll have to take drugs, apply cremes or similar medicaments, or ultimately have surgery.

Doctors usually prescribe testosterone treatment to handle man boobs that aren’t large enough, followed by dietary and lifestyle changes. These changes will be similar to the nutritional guidelines we provided in this guide but will focus on natural estrogen reduction.

Many foods can stimulate estrogen production in one’s body; stuff like soy and related products, beans, peas, and tofu. You should remove these from your diet.

At the other hand, there are situations like low testosterone levels, which can manifest through some symptoms. If you have some of these, you should take test your testosterone levels and try to increase it.

There are many nutritional supplements and testosterone enhancers on the market right now, which many would recommend you.

Don’t buy or use any testosterone enhancers without prior consultation with the doctor.

Please, take testosterone seriously. If you want to lose man boobs, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to make mistakes with hormones. Testosterone can change to estrogen through various processes in the body, which can cause your man boobs to get in a worse state.

Unsupervised usage of steroids or hormone enhancers is a very dangerous thing and it can jeopardize your health.

Man boobs can be a tough problem to solve. They can be stubborn, and put a lot of stress on you. The good news is that many have been on this path as you, and many solved this unpleasant problem. It is possible, it is achievable, and you can do it.

There are many support groups and forums that can help you ( is a great example), communities where you can read news, tips, and communicate with people who have or have dealt with this problem.

It’s crucial to be positive, persistent (even stubborn – be more stubborn than your man boobs!), patient, and the results will eventually appear. You can do it!

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