How to Build a Perfect Home Gym When on Budget

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Whether you are a mom, a student, or an employee, who doesn’t have time to go to the gym, believe me, you can still exercise. If you do not have any option, would you rather bring the gym at the comfort of your home?

Let us face the fact that people have busy lives today, and some would want to avoid crowded places like the gym. You work at least 8 to 10 hours a day, building social commitments, and have families too. There are so many things that hinder your way to becoming fit and healthy.

But, do you still want to achieve your fitness goals? If so, you can set up an ideal gym in space at your home. Think again! The good news is that you can create a home gym. It is pretty straightforward and expensive if you know your goals and the equipment you will use. So, without further adieu, here are some steps on how to build a simple home gym on a tight budget.

Look for a Space in Your House that can Work as Your Home Gym

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First and foremost, you need to decide where you want to install your home gym. You may spare some space in your office, patio, back porch, bedroom, and any other places in your home. These are all great areas for your workout. If you do not have extra space, a small part of your home that may double as your exercise space will do the trick. For instance, you may use your living room as an exercise area for a couple of hours. However, you need to make sure that you have some exercise equipment storages.

Store Some Workout Equipment for Your Home Gym

The next thing you need to do is to stock tons of home gym equipment. You do not require any large commercial gym machines. All you have to do is to store some basic gym tools in a small space in your house. You may securely assemble the storages with the use of a few tools like a nail set and a screwdriver set. You may just use simpler and less cumbersome tools. In fact, some of the most efficient home workout tools are quite inexpensive and small.

Get a Foam Roller at an Affordable Price

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A foam roller is a must-have piece of a device for an exercise enthusiast or any person who wants to enhance his or her health. Foam rollers are easy to utilize. Plus, they do the best thing for your body to instantly move and feel better.

You may choose a foam roller as affordable as $10 to $20. What’s even better is that a roller will pretty much last a lifetime if properly stored. What you need to do is to ensure that you select the tool with denser materials. Softer ones are easy to break, and they do their jobs less efficiently.

Buy Suspension Trainers or Monkii Bars

Suspension trainers are becoming famous because you can use them anywhere and they are versatile. Also, you can utilize it with hundreds of workout routines. Plus, you can progress your abilities while using this tool. You can also perform rows, dips, lunges, and single leg squats while utilizing this equipment.

Home users may buy trainers in stores for only $50 to $150. You may hook them up to a tree, wall, or a door. Considering that it is affordable, you may get one as an alternative to other gym machines that perform the same functions.

An alternative to Suspension Trainers is Monkii Bars (TravelLifeX has a great guide on Monkii bars). It allows us to workout almost anywhere. They are perfect for travel as they are compact and portable fitness, that convert into a suspension trainer.

Purchase Sliders

Sliders are simple to use. They can boost the difficulty level of some bodyweight workouts. Sliders also decrease stability and make your movements more challenging. They are small pieces of plastic that can easily slide on a smooth surface. Thus, they are excellent add-on tools to your home gym.

You may purchase one for only $25 a pair. However, you can also make your sliders. Some of the exercises you may execute using your sliders are slide out push-ups, reverse lunges, body saws, and hamstring curls. To protect your knees from the possible impact caused by the floor, you also need to get a pair of knee sleeves.

Buy Tubings and Bands

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You may get some tubings and bands in a sporting good store or even in online shops. You can choose from different shapes, sizes, and thickness as long as it fits your needs. Home users may also obtain some exercise bands to add extra resistance to your body weight workouts. They may vary in prices, but you can get them in a bundle of different sizes with great deals.

Obtain a Pull Up Bar

Pull ups are great for your upper body. They are also excellent for anyone who wants to improve their physique. Pull up bars are inexpensive, and you can easily hang them in your doorway. You may also build a sturdy wall using pieces of wood to assemble your bar. All you need to do is to cut some wood using an electric chainsaw.

However, some people may find it hard to do pull ups. So, you may also utilize a thick band for resistance. You can buy them at a sporting good store or even online. It will make your workout easier because of the additional assistance it gives from each pull.

Purchase Battle Ropes

They are a must-have equipment for people who are looking for the increase in their lean mass. The key to the effectiveness of the battle ropes is by working each of your arms independently. Thus, they remove strength imbalances as you sculpt your muscles. Plus, they also provide killer cardio exercises.

Buy Kettlebells

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When it comes to functional workouts, kettlebells can do the trick! They may run you for a couple of dollars because each will cost $2 per pound. However, you will need a small set and they will last for an extended period. Also, they are ideal tools for the whole body workout.

Organize Your Home Gym

Once you’ve researched all of the home gym tools you’ll need, you may start purchasing them. Next, you need to store them after your exercise routines, especially if you use a shared area. If you can, dedicate storage shelves or bins to help organize everything. That way, you can quickly look for the right tools when you need to workout before or after your daily errands. You also need to get creative with the ways you can store your home gym tools. By doing so, you can keep them clean, dirt-free, and out of sight when not in use.


Now that everything’s already set up make sure that you put your home gym to good use! That means that you need to utilize each equipment one at a time. You may also invite some of your family members or friends to go over and train with you. You may ask a workout buddy to burn out some extra calories with you. Just like in a commercial gym, it won’t do any good if you do not do it as regularly as possible. So, start using your home gym now and sweat it out!

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