How Many Exercises Per Workout Should You Do? All You Need To Know

how many exercises per workout should you do

If you're a beginner, you might wonder, "how many exercises per workout should I do?" Well, you're not alone. Since I'm a beginner myself, I'm curious to know the answer before I hit the gym. It's important to know the right number of exercises per workout so you can get the best results.

Over exercising may bring more harm than good, so it's imperative not overwork your body too much. To help you find the answer, I'm going to share all the information I gathered from my extensive readings and research online.


Factors That Affect The Number Of Exercises You Should Do

how many exercises per workout

The number of exercises that you should do may depend on many factors:


Intensity refers to any variable that makes the workout more challenging or simpler. This can be measured in a lot of ways: number of rep/set; the total rest time between sets; or the weight of your lift. Sometimes a training partner can influence the intensity of the workout. The more intensity, the lesser amof exercise you need.ount

Frequency Of Training

How often you train also influence the number of exercises you need to do. If you exercise often, you may need to exercise fewer muscle groups to recover fast in between workouts. Conversely, if you train less frequently, you may exercise more muscle groups.

Compound Exercise Vs. Isolated Exercise

A compound exercise engages at least two joint movements while an isolated exercise only uses one distinguishable joint movement. To get the best workout result, it might be best to do more isolated exercises and fewer compound exercises.

So, How Many Exercises Per Workout?Actually, there's no research done to determine the definite number of exercises per workout due to the many factors that might influence the effectiveness of a specific exercise. This is the reason why a number of exercises may still depend on the opinion of professionals and personal trainers.

According to the video of BodyGeeks, the ideal number of exercises for small muscle groups is 2-3 while large muscle groups need about 3-5 exercises.

Small muscle groups include the triceps, shoulders, calves, and biceps. Large muscle groups are typically the back, chest, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) also shares almost the same number of exercises, which is 3-5 of three sets each muscle group.

Types Of Workouts

The number of exercise per workout may also depend on the kind of workout you wish to do:


Upper Body Workout

As the name suggests, the upper body workout aims to build muscles and strength on your upper body, which includes your shoulders, arms, and abs. Some of the exercises that you can do include an inclined bench presses, dips, and pull-ups. Ideally, you can do 1-2 upper body compound exercises and 2-3 accessory lifts.


Lower Body Workout

The lower body workout aims to build strength and hit your thighs, calves, and glutes. Some of the best lower body exercises that you can do are squats, leg extensions, and leg press. For this particular workout, you can do 1-2 lower body compound exercises and 2-3 accessory lifts


Full Body Workout

A full body workout combines lower body and upper body exercises. You need to do two compound exercises: one for the upper body and another one for the lower body. Also perform four accessory lifts: two for the upper body and two for the lower body.

Why Less Is More?

Overtraining happens when your body is pushed too hard and passed to the point that you can't recover due to a short resting period. Contrary to what others believe that overtraining produces fast results, doing it may do more harm as it can cause a tear to your muscle fibers.

The recovery period after working out is usually 24-48 hours. After that, your body starts to build muscles. Even if you feel fine after a day of exercise, you shouldn't go back to exercising because it will restrict any growth of muscles.

Doing less exercise is more desired because it can offer you these benefits:

  • Gives you fast recovery time
  • Less prone to injuries
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Takes little time in the gym

Final Thought

how many exercises per workout

How many exercises per workout? You need to do 2-3 exercises for small muscle groups, like shoulders and biceps, and 3-5 exercises for large muscle groups, like back and chest.

The number of exercises may vary due to several factors including intensity and frequency of exercise. The number of exercises may also depend on the type of workout you try to do: full body, upper body, and lower body.

For any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section. Don't hesitate to share this article if you find it helpful.

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