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how many calories does jacking off burn

How many calories does jacking off burn? It's a very debatable topic. Mainly, it is because there's no direct answer to that question. The duration, intensity, effort, frequency and even the position involved which can affect the number of calories burned while jacking off all have to be taken into consideration before you can even begin to surmise just how much calories you are burning by jacking off.


Jacking Off

Okay, I am assuming that we are all adults here. Whoever claims that you need a sex partner just to enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm is a hypocrite. Besides which, not all of your sex partners can even give you that anyway so don't think you can't enjoy the calorie-burning effects of jacking off.

Masturbating can help you burn some calories. For every single time you masturbate, jack off or however else you want to call it, it can make you lose between 100-150 calories. Something for you to imagine, the more rigorous your masturbation, the more calories you burn. Huh!

Kissing Can Burn Calories


According to research, even the act of kissing can help you burn between 120-325 calories an hour. A minute of kissing can help you burn 2-5 calories. Ha, yeah! Many guys out there can't wait to get to home base and barely spend any time in foreplay like kissing.

The fact is, engaging in an extended foreplay like kissing your partner doesn't only have good effects on your relationship, but it's also going to be very rewarding to your waistline. Just by spending ten minutes making out with someone every morning and every evening can help give you an easy 100 calories burnt.

If you will total that, it is equivalent to 36,500 calories in one year. What's that much equal to? Amazingly enough, that would mean losing a total of 10 pounds, all from kissing!

Just Taking Off Your Clothes Can Burn Calories

Taking Off Your Clothes

Some studies show that even the simple act of taking off your clothes can burn calories. When you think about it, taking off your clothes in front of your partner can actually help you burn calories, so why not take your clothes off more often, eh?

For example, if you will be unclasping a bra snap with two hands, you will be able to burn around 8 calories.

If you will try to unclasp it with just one hand, you will be able to burn 18 calories. Do you like bra tricks? If you like to impress your girls by unclasping their bras with your mouth, congratulate yourself because you've been getting rid of 87 calories for every single time you've done it. Now you know it's actually worth the effort!

The Actual Sex

Actual Sex

Having a sexual intercourse would usually burn between 50 and 100 calories. If you are having sex three times a week, you will be burning 7500 calories every year. That's approximately worth around 75 miles of jogging. Of course, the more intense the sex is, the more calories you get to burn.

Just Think About It

According to experts, having an orgasm and ejaculating can burn between 60-100 calories, and that’s without yet counting the foreplay! Here are some of the other health benefits of jacking off for men:

  • 1. It Helps Prevent Cancer

Studies show that men who ejaculate more than five times on a weekly basis are at 30% less risk of developing prostate cancer.

  • 2. Jackinbg Off Can Help Flush Out Toxins

Over time, toxins build up in your urogenital tract which can often lead diseases. By jacking off, you will be flushing these toxins out which is actually a great way of cleansing your system.

  • 3. It Can Make You Harder

As you age, you naturally lose muscle tone. Having sex regularly or masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

  • 4. Improves Your Mood And Temperament

Masturbating releases a good number of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin. These neurochemicals can lift your mood and activate the reward circuits in your brain. An orgasm is the biggest non-drug burst of dopamine available and benefits your health in more ways than one.

  • 5. Clear Out Nasal Congestion And Improve Your Body's Immunity

Another small study demonstrated reduction of swelling of vessels in the nose during sex and masturbation. Theoretically speaking, this may improve symptoms of common cold, hay fever, allergic rhinitis and other such health-related ailments.

Jacking Off Is Normal!

There is no actual straightforward answer to just how many calories you can burn by jacking off, but it is perfectly natural and not something you should be ashamed of. In fact, there are many benefits in taking things into your own hands, literally speaking, to even encourage you to do it more often.

Whether you are jacking off, doing a foreplay or having an orgasm, it is your body’s natural inclination and part of your biological process. Why risk STD by getting intimate with a hundred different strangers when you can get off on your own, eh?

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