Best Knee Compression Sleeve – A Complete Guide for Easy Buying!

Best Knee Compression Sleeve – A Complete Guide for Easy Buying!

I am often asked, ‘why do athletes wear knee sleeves?’ by my friends. It is an easy question to answer because I wear them for this specific reason: to provide my joints with added support and to keep my joints warm between reps. For me it is about preventing injuries while for others it could be about joint warmth. Either way we all know knee sleeves are beneficial. Which best knee compression sleeve is right for you?

Quick Comparison: Top 3 Knee Compression Sleeve

Here is a comparison table which could explain the difference between all below discussed products and it will help you in choosing the best one for you, which fulfill all your requirements.

Knee Sleeves




Injury Protection



(Editor's Choice)
















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Value Section

Which width is best for you?

The best knee sleeves often come in two different widths: 5mm and 7mm. Different widths means different support is provided. For maximum support it is best to look for a thicker width (7mm). For less support go with the 5mm.

The 7mm offers maximum support and maximum warmth for the patella and joints around it. The first question that comes to mind is why is warmth important? When a sauna is created around the joints, it helps keep the muscles warm between reps which helps to decreases injury rates. For the more advanced weightlifter and athlete, the 7mm is a good choice.

The 5mm provides above average support and also manages to keep the muscles and joints warm. Most of the best brands do not offer 5mm. Amongst the best brands only Rocktape Knee Caps and Rehband 7751 Knee Sleeve tend to offer them.

How to choose the best knee compression sleeves for you

As previously mentioned, most come in 5mm or 7mm widths. Most will choose a 7mm width which provides more options, but with more options comes more choices. If support is not as needed then the 5mm will suffice. This will help to weed out all of the brands.

Length is the last part to look at after width. Most brands are about average in length for the sleeves. Rocktape is known for their longer sleeve length. They extend about half an inch below the knee for added support. Some may like the added support, while others may think the added length feels uncomfortable. It depends on what the athlete is looking for.

Controversy behind knee compression sleeve

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The most divisive comment mentioned by those who use the sleeve for running, weightlifting, squats and so on is that they slip or slide down the knee. This could be due to the wrong size, or because of the additional sweat they cause around the muscles. Some guarantee that they do not slide, but it is very rare that even the best brands can guarantee even a little slippage from the sleeve.

There are other small controversies with the knee sleeves in general. Some weight lifters and power lifters still believe that knee wraps are far superior to the sleeves. They feel the support is not there as they are not able to make them as tight as they may want. So long as the directions are followed then the sleeves should be tight and secure. You can find knee sleeves that offer extra cessations so they stay better than other brands and makes.

Most believe that the sleeves offer an advantage as opposed to people who do not use them. The heavier the weight, the more use can be had out of the sleeves. Some power lifters do not believe the equipment adds any extra support or strength, but others notice a difference right away. I believe they offer plenty of extra support. If you have banged up knees like I so then you will feel the difference right away.

Prerequisites to Using the Best Knee Compression Sleeve

There are no specific prerequisites to using the products. The consumer should be active and be ready for training. As with most products, the more you use it the better it feels and your performance is thus improved.

Make sure you do not have any existing injuries. It is probably obvious that people should not be lifting heavy weights if they are injured. Make sure that when you begin lifting, or performing any type of high endurance activity, you are healthy. The sleeves are there to help prevent any injuries, but not necessarily used to make existing injuries any better or worse.

Even if you do have an existing injury the knee sleeves can help. When you continue reading you will take not of a brand that actually helps to strengthen sore and hurt knees. Not every brand can guarantee that though.

The Best way to choose Product

To choose the best product, you first need to measure around your knee to make sure you order the correct size in any of the knee sleeves. To measure correctly it is suggested you measure the circumference of your leg above you knee cap (about 2.5 inches). Depending on the brand the sizes vary. For Blitz their sizes run 10-12” is a small, 13-15” for a medium, 16-18” is a large. Most who use the sleeves recommend you choose a size smaller for more security and less slippage. A snug sleeve is a good sleeve.

After you picked the correct size, then choose the width that works best for your needs. Usually more support is better for lifting, but you may not need the extra support for running. Each activity is different so base it on the sport. For running perhaps choose a 5mm, but for lifting choose a 7mm.

An added note - make sure you pay attention when ordering. Some sites only sell per sleeve rather than as a pair. If you need two, which is usually preferred, read the details carefully when ordering. The ones that I have picked out have come in pairs so no need to worry if you chose one of them!

These knee sleeves are quite impressive. I love the fact that they are made for both men and women in mind and that they come with a 1 year warranty. These knee sleeves are guaranteed to take your performance to the next level.

The wearers are given the best support any knee sleeves can give. They compression provided by Nordic is actually proven to decrease injuries and is able to promote muscle recovery. If you are a weightlifter, into CrossFit, enjoy powerlifting, going to the gym or enjoy heavy fitness workouts, then these compression sleeves are for you.

In the package you are given a pair of knee sleeves and a one year warranty including a hassle free replacement guarantee. The knee sleeves range in sizes XS (under 11.8 inches) all the way up to XXL (17 – 18.3 inches) with sizes in between. These knee sleeves are 7mm which means maximum support and maximum warmth for the patella and joints around it. That means these are the knee sleeve designed for seasoned lifters and not runners in mind.

You are probably wondering how you can benefit from this product. It is very easy – if you lift, then your knees will have added support which will cause them to not hurt after the workout. These are perfect for both beginners and for the more advanced weightlifters. They will keep your joints and knee warm which helps to prevent injuries. Basically, if you wear these knee sleeves you are greatly reducing your risk of injury which means you can lift longer and more weight.

I highly recommend Nordic knee sleeves for anyone who enjoys weightlifting. This is a top choice.



  • Great for weightlifting
  • Great for both beginners and advanced users
  • Knees will not be after workout
  • 1 year warranty
  • Not ideal for running

These knee sleeves by K A R M are 5mm thick which means they are great for weightlifting and for running. The knee sleeves are specially designed to defend your knees during heavy duty workouts. The knee sleeves are able to prevent injuries from weightlifting to hiking and everything in between.

If you enjoy pain free movement, then you need to do your research, and while researching look at K A R M and their knee sleeves. Since they are 5mm they are able to offer pain free movement thus giving you safe mobility to move your knee freely.

Your knee will be kept warm, but will not have as much support as a 7mm knee sleeve. Instead your knee will be able to move more freely and you can do more activities. It is 6 of one, half a dozen of another type of deal. It just all depends what you need your knee sleeve for.

This knee sleeve will still be able to help you with your existing ACL injuries and shield against your meniscus corrective surgery if you have already had it done. Otherwise, this knee sleeve will be able to prevent surgeries. If you are serious, then invest in knee sleeves.

These K A R M knee sleeves are slip resistant and made of high quality neoprene which helps the knee sleeves to stay in place. They are also guaranteed to be comfortable and if they do not perform the way you need them to perform then you can get your money back if you return them within 12 months. That is a hassle free return, not many other companies can offer you that. You can’t lose when purchasing these knee sleeves.



  • 12 month money back guarantee
  • Perfect for running and weightlifting
  • Great for ACL injuries and other bothersome tendons
  • Only 5mm so not the best for heavy weights

If you enjoy running and weightlifting, then these are your perfect knee sleeves.

If you are looking for superior customer support from an athletic company, then MAVA Sports is your company. They stand behind their products and will personally speak with you if you are not satisfied. Email them and they will be in contact with you in 12 hours or less. Right there you know it is a superior company to buy your athletic products from.

These 7mm knee sleeves are guaranteed to help with muscle recovery and prevent injuries. They encourage joint health, muscle health and allow maximum muscle support when worn. What makes these extra special is the fact that these knee sleeves are anatomically shaped for better performance. You are able to exceed in lifting and other knee functions because they are shaped for optimal support.

If you suffer from stiff and sore knees, then you need to invest in a pair of knee sleeves. This brand by Mava Sports guarantees that you will not feel any stiffness or soreness from knee discomfort, arthritis, tendonitis or osteoporosis. If you have any of these problems (hello knee tendonitis!) then you will love the support and stability that these knee sleeves will provide you with.

If you are seeking out comfort and knee sleeves that will not slip, then these are for you. Mava Sports also guarantees a worry free commitment to the knee sleeves. They will not slip, fall off or even unroll whilst on your knees. That means you can squat lower, lift more, spend more time cross training and do more high intensity workouts. With these knee sleeves, the sky is the limit.

The only issue I am able to find with these knee sleeves is that I do not see if they are 100% returnable with a hassle free exchange if not satisfied within a year. That is something you need to do your homework on prior to purchasing.



  • Great for weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit and other strenuous activities
  • Your knees will not feel stiff or sore after use
  • Does not state if they are returnable


As someone who is active in lifting and running, I usually opt for the 5mm knee sleeves. That would mean I would personally purchase the K A R M knee sleeves. They allow me to work out the way I like to work out. I am able to freely bend my knees, have support and still have warmth so my knees stay in peak condition and will not be injured. If I feel the knee sleeves slip, I am able to return them with zero questions asked. That is what I like when I purchase something.

If I had to choose a 7mm then I would opt for Nordic just because they also have a 12 month guarantee. If I do not like a product, then I want to know that I am able to return them with no questions asked.

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