The Best Jump Rope For Double Unders: 2019 Reviews And More

best jump rope for double unders

Are you shopping for the best jump rope for double unders? Then you came to the right place! In this article, we’ll be reviewing five of the most popular jump ropes to help you find the perfect brand that suits your needs.

While jump ropes have a relatively simple design, not all are made equal. Some may differ in material, length, and handle. If you want to be guided for your jump rope shopping, check our reviews and buyer’s guide.


**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Should You Do Double Unders?

A double under is a popular CrossFit exercise performed on a jump rope. Unlike a traditional jump that requires you to do one pass per jump, a double under requires you to do two passes for every jump. This makes it ideal for body conditioning.

Learn the basic form and techniques of double unders in this video.

By training to bound quickly, double unders stimulate your central nervous system to improve speed and reaction time. They also help acquire fast-twitch muscle fibers and help shape your calves. Since you need to make two passes per jump as high off the floor, you can train your explosiveness.

What To Look For

1. Rotating Mechanism

What To Look For

If you want your rope to move efficiently, look for a rotating mechanism on the handles. This will give the 90-degree angle that you’ll need when you do your double unders. If possible, avoid jump ropes which have the cable directly straight from the handles because they will just cause friction as the rope rubs against them.

For a more balanced feel, look for ball bearings. The ball bearings built in the handles will allow the rope to distribute the weight equally throughout the rotation movement. This allows a smoother and more efficient jumping.

2. Comfortable Grip

What To Look For

For comfort, look for a foam grip because it gives a better feel in the hand. It also keeps your hand from slipping when you do several rounds of double unders. You also want the handles to be lightweight so you can prevent your arms from getting fatigued.

3. Adjustable Length

What To Look For

One of the significant components of double unders is to use a jump rope that’s fully adjusted to your height. A jump rope that’s too short will cause you to miss while a jump rope that’s too long will probably downtempo your double unders. To get the right length of the rope, look for an adjustable feature.

If you’re buying a jump rope, begin by selecting the proper length and then alter the size from there. For beginners, start with a longer rope to slow you down.

Traditionally, double unders require you to size your jump so that it reaches about 6-10 inches over your head. But now, you can ignore this rule and choose whatever height that makes you feel the most comfortable and gives you optimal rope control.

4. Thickness Of The Rope

What To Look For

Although you can do a lot of speed with thin ropes, we don’t usually prefer them because they don’t hold their shape well. Unlike a thin rope, a heavier rope may give more responsiveness and a solid arch around your body. It also tends to give you more control to help you create more skill and coordination.

If you’re an intermediate CrossFitter, then the ideal rope should be 3 millimeters in diameter to hit about 50 double unders. For advanced jumpers who aim for more than 100 double unders, the ideal thickness should be less than 2 millimeters in diameter.

5. Durability

What To Look For

If you want your jump rope to last longer, look for a nylon-coated cable as it can resist the constant wear and tear. Avoid ropes made of cloth or leather ropes because they tend to wear out quickly.

Some handles are made of aluminum, wood, or plastic. If you want something that will last for a long time, select an aluminum or unbreakable plastic handle as it can strongly take a beating. By selecting a durable handle, you can just buy a new cord when they wear out, instead of buying a whole jumping rope.

Our Top 5 Picks

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Premium Jump Rope

The FitSkuad Jump Rope is a great buy with its free extra cable a manual ebook, and a carrying bag. This premium jump rope is fully adjustable with its 10-foot long cable and extra-large screws for easy adjustment. The steel cable is hidden with a PVC sleeve for durability and protection.

What I love about this jump rope is its very sturdy aluminum handles and a foam grip for a secure grip. With large handles and efficient ball-bearing system, you can reach maximum speeds up to 320 jumps per minute. This jump rope is backed with a 1-year limited warranty and a 120-day replacement guarantee.


  • Made of durable aluminum and comfortable foam pads
  • Built with an efficient ball bearing system
  • Handles are extra large for better control
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fully adjustable up to 10 feet long
  • Blends well
  • Come with great accessories
  • Offers a 1-year warranty and replacement guarantee


  • A bit pricey
  • The screws can get loosened over time
  • May be too short for tall users

2. 321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jump Rope

The 321 Strong Jump Rope comes with a carrying bag for traveling, a 4K ebook for guidance, and a replacement cable. Two large handles measuring about 6 inches long make them easy to hold while working out. Aside from comfort, the foam grips give a secure hold for safety.

The rope can extend up to 11 feet to fit tall users. To reduce scratches, the vinyl end caps are made of braided steel wire. The steel wire is concealed with PVC for durability and a smooth finish. For fast movement, a 90-degree ball bearing is used.


  • Includes replacement parts: cable, screws, and vinyl caps
  • Made of only pure micronized creatine monohydrate
  • Large and comfortable handles
  • The cable is adjustable and long to suit the tallest user
  • Comes with a carrying bag for storage
  • Provides a money back guarantee


  • Poorly designed with the screws difficult to tighten
  • Bearings within the handles can get jam easily
  • The cord can get kinks over time

3. WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope

The WODFitters Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is constructed with ball-bearing technology for faster jumps. It’s lightweight and has comfortable ergonomic handles for better performance. The kink- resistant wire cable allows you to jump smoothly.

With a maximum length of 10 feet, the WODFitters jump rope is fully adjustable to fit any height. You can adjust the height by altering tweaking the hand screws. If for any reason you’re not content with the product, you can return and ask for a full refund.


  • Backed by money-back guarantee
  • Fully adjustable to fit any height
  • Built with ball bearings for a smoother performance
  • Made of durable and kink-resistant wire cable
  • Constructed with ergonomic handles for comfort


  • The nut tends to fall off while working out.
  • Too lightweight to gain control
  • The handles are poorly made.

4. Master Of Muscle Jump Rope

The Master Of Muscle Jump Rope spins with great speed, thanks to its 90-degree handle turn. Unlike other regular plastic and leather ropes, its wire cable ensures no crimping, tangling, or even bending. This jump rope includes a carry case for convenient transport.

To get the proper height and the right jump, the Master of Muscle jump rope allows you to adjust the height by using its adjustable screws. If you find any problems with the product, you can return it and ask for a replacement or full refund.


  • Made of thermoplastic polyurethane black coated wire for extra protection
  • Includes a carry case for portability
  • Offers a money back guarantee
  • Built with a 90-degree handle turn
  • Easy to adjust length
  • Good price for its value


  • The rope can snap easily
  • Too thin for maximum control
  • The end caps easily fall off

5. Fitness Master Jump Rope

The Fitness Master Jump Rope is made of a cable that quickly adjusts to any length you wish. It includes a carry case which allows you to bring it outdoors for convenience. Unlike the regular long ropes, the Fitness Master jump rope has a 90-degree rotating mechanism to ensure fast movement.

To allow smooth and quick rotations, the steel cord is concealed with a sturdy plastic. You can guarantee its great quality as it offers a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the rope, you can ask for a full refund or replacement.


  • Has an adjustable length for versatility
  • Built with a rotating mechanism for a seamless movement
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built for speed
  • Very affordable


  • Adjusting the rope is nearly impossible
  • Once the rope gets crinkled, there’s no way to straighten it back
  • Construction seems to be poor



As you can see from our scores, the best jump rope for double unders is the FitSkuad Premium Jump Rope because it has most of the things that we look for. The FitSkuad jump rope is the most durable with its aluminum handles and PVC coated steel wire. It also has a rotating mechanism, the right thickness for speed, adjustable length, and a comfortable grip.

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