#4 Cross Training Fitness Gloves by Emerge

Alright, these were a bit pricey so I wanted to see is there any extra quality that comes with them, but now I see they are on sale for a much lower price. They have an already universal design; the difference is the part that goes over your hand is stitched directly to the palm part, it doesn't go under it, like I used to with other models.

Wristbands are present as a part of the glove, and they can be adjusted to the width of your wrist, no problems found there. They were kind of hard at the start, but they did break in pretty fast. The gloves are breathable, no sweating occurred, and they are comfortable, but as for the grip, I can't say I was awed.

After a couple of weeks, it started to wear off, and they become pretty slippery. Some people at the gym told me that I should pick a smaller size, and they would break in; the bigger size makes the grip wrong and tearing faster.


  • Breathable gloves, the hands were not sweaty
  • Comfortable inner palm
  • Wristbands provide good supportcomfort
  • Two color options to choose from
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Cons

  • I expected better quality for the price
  • Palm grip wore off quickly
  • #5 Alphatrait Top Cross Training Gloves

    I liked these gloves for their adjustable palm length. I managed to set them up to fit my hand perfectly. They are unisex and have a black and pink variant. They pack wrist wraps, of course, but in a different way, which I found to be a great feature.

    The wraps are separated from the glove and can be adjusted to fit even the biggest guys out there; they are very wide. The inner part of the glove is comfortable and stitched throughout.
    They also feature hypoallergenic and sweatproof protection, giving the double protection from the germs in the gym. 

    The grip was awesome, and finally, it's achieved with thinner padding. The only thing I would like to see improved is the ergonomic design of the finger slots.

    The good thing about this is if you are not satisfied how they fit you, you have thirty days to get your money back. Overall, I had a pretty good experience with them, but they were pretty pricey the day I bought them.


  • High-quality leather
  • Double prong for maximum security
  • 4-inch width with 5mm thickness for maximum comfort
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Cons

    • Not as supportive as thicker belts

    #6 Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

    best crossfit gloves

    Now, this set of gloves provide a full palm protection, which I found awesome, but I was afraid that would cause some serious sweating. And from the moment I tried them on the workout session, it turned out that they actually have a great ventilation due to the completely opened back of the hand and ergonomic design of the palm padding.

    The grip was super slippery proof, and I liked the width of the finger slots, the only thing that's bad about full palm protection is their bulkiness. 

    They are made of neoprene, so they are flexible enough, but they don't exactly fit perfectly in hand. The wraps provide good support, but I don't understand why are they angled instead of going in the straight line.

    The good thing is, you can order them and try them out, if you don't like them, you can return them a get a money refund. Where they really showed their advantage is in the tire flipping workouts, they gave me some extra power because I had a padding for the entire palm.


  • Full palm padding great for tire flipping workouts
  • Thin padding with good grip
  • Wide finger slots that provide an extra comfort
  • Wristbands for tight and strong wrists
  • Money back guarantee
  • Cons

  • Angled wristbands may limit the movement in some workouts
  • They don’t fit perfectly due to the full palm padding
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    #7 Trideer Padded Anti-Slip Weight Lifting Gloves

    best crossfit gloves

    These gloves are advertised as they can be used for CrossFit, so I gave them a try even tho they are designed as traditional weightlifting gloves. They feature wristbands for strength and protection.

    The design of the palm makes the grip very good, they fit nice, but they are completely closed. These can be perfect for bodybuilding and general weight lifting, but for CrossFit, they need to be open on the back of the hand.

    My hands got so sweaty I had to take them off and continue using my bare hands with chalk. They have pieces of cloth attached to two of the fingers so you can pull them off easily I guess, although I don't know why would I need that.

    Overall, good gloves with great support and grip, but for high intensity and versatile workout, they just don't cut it. Maybe someone doesn't sweat as much as I do, if you think that won't be a problem, then give them a try, there's thirty-day money back guarantee.


  • They fit good, no extra space when the right size is chosen
  • The grip is good, no slippery accidents occurred
  • Wristband provides an excellent support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Cons

    • Completely closed, my hands were very sweaty
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    #8 ProFitness Split Leather Padding Cross Training Gloves

    best crossfit gloves

    The combination of neoprene and leather caught my attention here. Not because of those specific materials, since they are used in every other pack of gloves, but because the palm padding is made of leather. A completely separated part stitched to the palm made of leather, that means that they are way more durable than usual silicone padding.

    The grip is the best I have ever had, and completely open back of the hand is a great bonus. The finger slots are not aligned in the straight line like I had seen before and had problems with. 

    The price is pretty low for the quality I got; I didn't expect them to be so durable. The only improvement I would like to see is a longer wristband. Three color options are available, and they can be used both by men and women.

    The stitching is done pretty firm making them durable and not so easy to tear apart. My hands were sweat-free, and through an entire workout they were comfortable and felt natural to use.


  • Good design, they fit perfectly, no room for unwanted movements
  • Extra stitching makes them durable
  • Multiple color options
  • Wristbands are in check
  • 60 days guarantee for a full refund
  • Cons

  • Padding may be too thick for some workouts
  • Material on the palm pinched my hands
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    #9 EZY Fitness Weight Lifting Gloves

    best crossfit gloves

    I know these look like a regular bodybuilding gloves, but I just had to mention them. For such a small price it’s an entire package. The package includes one pair of gloves, one pair of wrist wraps and one pair of lifting wrist straps. I have seen lifting wrist straps alone that cost the same as this entire package.

    The gloves are simple and can be used, they are not completely closed, and they have hollow points at the back of the hand, so your hands will be able to breathe. Do they grip? Well, it's an ok grip, nothing special, but it didn't even expect them to be super grippy.

    But they do fit really good, and they are backed with the wristbands that come with. Overall, the weightlifting gloves that actually can be used for CrossFit and for such a low price they are worth to be looked at.


  • Very low price for what comes in the package
  • They fit nice; the size is just right
  • They are not completely closed; the hand has room for breathing
  • The grip was satisfying
  • 30 day 100% money back
  • Cons

  • Not made specifically for CrossFit
  • Not that great quality if you ignore the price
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    #10 Kaleb Sport Universal Weight Lifting Gloves

    best crossfit gloves

    Now, I came across one more full padded palm gloves. But, this time they have rubber parts all over the palms. They are really bulky and can be used for heavyweight exercises when you need extra support.

    The finger slots are ergonomic and thick, but overall the gloves were pretty comfortable. Wristbands did their job pretty good, but once again, the thing I don't like is that they are set at an angle. That doesn't suit my wrists at all.

    One more drawback I noticed after some time - the spots around the rubber parts on the palm start tearing due to the pressure between the rubber parts while doing muscle-ups I suppose. It would be better if the rubber parts are connected, that way the cloth between them wouldn’t get squeezed and torn while doing full range motion workouts like muscle-ups.


  • Ergonomic finger slots make them feel natural
  • Bulky and thick, great for deadlifts and other exercises with big weights
  • Fully opened back of the hand
  • Good quality stitching
  • 30 days full money back guarantee
  • Cons

    Cloth between rubber parts on the palm gets torn after some time

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    What Are CrossFit Gloves?

    what are crossfit gloves

    As the name suggests, CrossFit gloves are gloves intended for CrossFit workouts Most CrossFitters agree that hand protection is needed if you want to be spared from calluses, blisters, and even potential dangers. With CrossFit gloves, you can get a firm grip on the different weights, bars, and workout equipment.

    The gloves are perfect in protecting your wrist and stop the accumulation of sweat on your palms. You don’t want to get your hands slipping on some heavy weights. With a comfort fit and firm grip, you can have less fatigue on the muscles and enhance muscular endurance.

    What to Pay Attention to And Why Do You Need Gloves At All?

    what are crossfit gloves

    CrossFit is a very versatile discipline, and its time-based workouts can lead to the destruction of your hands. Changing bars and grips will lead to blisters and furthermore damage of the hands when those blisters pop. There are a lot of benefits that come with wearing gloves:

    Some people think wearing gloves is for weaklings and that blisters are badges of honor. Not only that statement sounds childish, but it also makes no sense either. That kind of talk is why people started to wear headphones at the gym in the first place.

    Standard Weightlifting Gloves Are Not Gonna Do The Job

    At the beginning of the sport, CrossFitters used regular gym gloves for weightlifting, and they didn't do much help at all. Weightlifting gloves are bulky, and they are not designed to provide flexibility, and they are not intended to be used in such intense workouts like CrossFit.

    What also makes the traditional weightlifting gloves bad for CrossFit is that they typically cover the entire hand, making the hands sweaty and slippery. They are good for low-intensity workouts with a limited range of motion, but not for CrossFit at all.

    The Appearance of CrossFit Gloves

    With the inadequacy of chalk and regular weightlifting gloves, people had a high demand for gloves specifically designed for CrossFit. And thankfully, they appeared. These gloves are less bulky, usually made of materials that are lightweight and tough at the same time.

    The leather is a pretty common material used in the production of these, and so are synthetics as silicone and neoprene. What also makes them different from typical gym gloves is that they don't cover the back of your hands. That way the hands can breathe, the gloves are light, and you can have an unlimited range of motion. These gloves give you confidence in your workouts due to the protection and grip they provide; you will completely forget about chalk and blisters you used to have.

    What to Pay Attention to And Why Do You Need Gloves At All?

    best crossfit gloves


    You should look for a pair of gloves that you will be able to use for as much as you can, it's cheaper to buy one expensive pair than ten cheap ones. So, what makes CrossFit gloves durable? The combination and type of the material they are made of. They should be made out of the combination of leather and spandex with double or triple stitching to withstand the range of motion during your training.


    For the more effective workout, you will need lighter gloves. Heavy gloves make your hands inflexible and sweaty, limiting your time trials and flexibility. It's best to have a pair of gloves that will give you natural feel of the grip like you almost don't wear gloves at all. That kind of feel you will get will make a positive impact and boost your performance, giving you natural feel in the hand while also having a better grip than with bare hands.

    Limber Material

    The materials the CrossFit gloves are made of have to be flexible to allow your hands to move around without limitations. Spandex and neoprene are ideal materials to look out for when browsing the gloves to buy.

    Innovative Materials

    Some gloves designed specifically for CrossFit are made out of new and innovative materials that are capable of enduring punishing workouts while providing your hands the ability to stay cool and limber. These materials are breathable, durable and they support diverse motion range which is a must for CrossFit. Pay attention to the packaging and look for the materials that are used in the production of the gloves.


    Gloves, especially for CrossFit, should feel like they don't exist. The fabric should breathe to keep the hands cool, and the palm should provide protection from sores with cushioning while not getting the palms too sweaty at the same time. They shouldn't be too tight, but they should fit well without room for slipping out.

    Support for Wrists

    Wrist support is a great addition to the gloves. There are gloves available that have extended wristbands that can completely wrap around your wrist. This way the gloves won't slip off and the wrists will be protected from painful contact with objects, and it will give them more strength and endurance.


    When the brand gives a warranty, it means it is certain and confident in the product's quality and durability. Long warranty usually means that you will get a durable and quality made gloves. Majority of CrossFit gloves have a one year warranty but pay attention, and you might find some that have a longer warranty or even offer a lifetime warranty with a replacement of your damaged gloves.

    How To Clean Your CrossFit Gloves

    You can remove the accumulated salt and mineral from your sweat by soaking them in warm, soapy water. While soaking, massage the gloves with hands. Rinse and repeat the same process on the other side.

    Once your gloves are thoroughly clean, squeeze out excess water. Air dry the gloves away from direct sunlight because the sun Do this regular cleaning once a week.

    Watch how the cleaning is demonstrated in this video here.

    Our Best Crossfit Gloves Choose

    Giving all the points one glove for CrossFit need to have in check I had a couple of favorites between these choices above. But the winner has to be named, and after some time considering I must say ProFitness Split Leather Padding Cross Training Gloves are a clear winner. They really won me with their leather padding and so much space for hands to breathe. The stitching is awesome, they are very durable, and that price tag was just ridiculous. Maybe you think some other gloves would be better for you, but from my experience, these are the best for CrossFit workouts.

    If you’ve tried purchasing or using a pair of CrossFit gloves, tell us what you think in the comments section below. Don’t hesitate to share this article if you find this informative and helpful.

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